Domestic preparedness--preparing and responding to natural and manmade disasters--challenges communities which must also maintain the ability to handle day-to-day emergencies. Rural Homeland Security Preparation (RHSP) is an “all-hazards” approach to ground-level preparation and planning for domestic preparedness in agricultural communities. Training for agricultural and rural emergencies effectively contributes to operational readiness--the ability to respond quickly and effectively to any given situation--at all levels. RHSP provides rural communities with:
•a framework to develop comprehensive (versus piecemeal) regional planning to better manage agricultural emergencies,
•trained first responders who share a fundamental awareness of preparedness issues,
•training materials.

The RHSP training courses were developed jointly by The Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.

The RHSP is endorsed by the Office of Grants and Training in the Department of Homeland Security. It is approved for use in the United States. Federal funds for the Department of Homeland Security allocated for support, training and equipment may be used when in accordance with regional planning.

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