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Fire Chaplain Training

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  • Fire Chaplain Training

    I am looking to find if anyone knows of a good training manual or training program designed for fire chaplains. Everything I have come across so far is for police chaplains. Any help would be appreciated. You can respond to this message or send me e-mail at [email protected]

    Also I am looking for anything pertaining to CISD training and program development.


    Rick Horn - Sterling Heights MI. Fire Dept.
    Rick Horn

    [email protected]

  • #2
    Howdy, neighbor...
    Here are a few links that may help you out:

    the Rev.


    • #3
      Just wanted to say thanks for asking that question Rick. I've been searching for the same information. I know my life as a christian is a testamony to people I work with, but I want to do more! Thanks for responding Rev!
      Rick, if you are interested go to Global University of the Assemblies of God. They have classes you take over the net- you can become a Certified minister/licensed minister/ordained minister.
      may the lord jesus keep you all safe


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        Hi Revrik and Jesus Freak, glad to see your post for info on Chaplain training. I recommend the courses designed by Dr. James Devine of the National Academy of Fire Service Chaplains. I recommend you receive the textbook entitled, "The ABC's of Fire Service Chaplaincy, Book 1 Intro to Fire Service Chaplaincy". Call 1-800-441-3614. You may end up talking to Dr. Devine and he is a straight up guy in love with Jesus Christ. The course is really geared toward challenging us to be our best for Christ and being salt. We were called for such a time as this and I thank God there our others like you really to serve.
        My e-mail at home is [email protected] and my phone number is 740-246-4349. So let me know how it goes, plus I'd like to keep you in prayer like I do all firefighters.
        Well. gotta watch the Yankees!!

        Pray the prayer of Jabez for us all! Be safe!
        See you on the big one
        Billy Reiter, 1st Lieutenant/Chaplain available 24 7


        • #5
          Hey all!

          Thanks for the input. I found a great site which has a complete manual online. It is designed for law enforcement agencies but can be modified to meet the requirements of fire chaplains too. It is the Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy program in Placer County California. The web site is:

          If anyone wants to keep in contact with me or can offer more help please e-mail me at:

          [email protected] or [email protected]

          I usually check my yahoo account daily and my other account a couple times each week.

          Tim - I checked out those sites and they had some good info. Thanks again for the info. Does the DFD have any training manuals available?

          Jesus Freak - Funny you should mention Global because I am a graduate of Berean University of the A/G and am licensed as a non-denominational Pentecostal minister.

          Billy thanks for the info on Dr. Devine. I have called and left messages a couple times and have even sent an e-mail but got no response as of yet. I know that he offers a correspondence course in 4 parts and am trying to get more info on that as the chief said he would pay for any needed training for me.
          Rick Horn

          [email protected]


          • #6
            Rick - as of the moment, the Detroit Fire Dept Chaplains do not have a "training manual". One of my goals, however, is to create it. It is a work in progress... (I dabble in my free time! )


            • #7
              That's really cool that you are a minister! I'm planning on starting the certified minister program sometime between now and January. I'm excited to see where God will lead with this education and my interest in poss. being a Fire Dept. Chaplain. God Bless!
              may the lord jesus keep you all safe


              • #8
                As much as I would like to post a reply that would have you calling pizza hut for information I find that I cant do that as your sister would beat me senseless and then I would have to learn how to do my own laundry. Stay safe



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                  Hi Mike!
                  Didn't know you were registered in here! Take care and tell my sister to get that laundry done!

                  Hey Tim!
                  I am also in the process of writing a training manual now that I have permission from PCLEC to use their manual as a basis. We will have to get together some time to compare notes!
                  Rick Horn

                  [email protected]


                  • #10
                    Hi Everyone,

                    I am the President of Firefighter Ministries. My site was actually mentioned above by someone else. It is www.theultimatefirehouse.com.
                    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Firefighter Ministries is here to help you find the right chaplaincy education for you and your needs. The differant programs listed above are all wonderful but of course some are more expensive than others. Some you have to travel too...etc... So, I can help you out in deciding about Chaplaincy education. My organization is also working on putting together a Distance Education Certification program together online. So you might be interested in that.

                    As far as CISD is concerned. CISD is about to go through some major changes in the coming months and years. After this 9/11 incident, the way we view CISD is differant, especially if you worked in New York as a counselor or Chaplain. So far, the best organization to go through for CISD education is www.icisf.org but there are others.

                    Let me know if you need my help. I will be glad to assist you! My email is [email protected]

                    You can go straight to the Chaplaincy section of our website by going here http://www.theultimatefirehouse.com/Chaplainscorner.htm


                    Wendy Norris
                    President Firefighter Ministries
                    Director, FallenFirefighter.Com
                    Wendy Norris
                    President Firefighter Ministries


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by DFDRev View Post
                      Rick - as of the moment, the Detroit Fire Dept Chaplains do not have a "training manual". One of my goals, however, is to create it. It is a work in progress... (I dabble in my free time! )
                      The Detroit Fire DEPARTMENT AND Chaplains .Did have a TRAING manual and it was used constantly along with other training as has MED diversifiction it also had a Manuel for TRAING chaplains for our large studio and caldeon population.gear was,checked on a regular basis and replaced if needed I my selph was certified to debriefe Fire fighters after critical insider .the last apt grievous HAVE been looked at for all difficulties,were warming buses needed for seniors or special needs was building up to code was it safe to occupy.where THIR any injured F.F how many civilians were their we're the needs MET DID STD have adicate hydration did civilians have other needs.the next, day Sara shrub been sent to chief of chaplains after action report.could any THIG be done different.this is not a game THIR IS no go AROUN,you DON'T have to have time you DON'T have to like it you just have to do it you, lie ,disregard SAFTY PROTICALL. Real. People die and there can be no disputes about that.this is to be treated as a full time job nothing less pay or no pay.If YOU CAN'T DO IT RING THE BELL AND WALK AWAY.YOU ARE NOT FIRE TRUCk chasers YOU ARE CHAPLAINS SERVING THE PEOPLE OF DETROIT WITH NO PERSONEl jugement


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