Hello all,
I am posting in regards to getting some help for a brother firefighter of mine. First here is a little background info. I am a firefighter with the USAF stationed in Okinawa, Japan. On Feb 11th 2011, we recently had a horrible tragedy happen where another firefighter was killed in the line of duty while backing a crash vehicle into the station after training a younger Airmen. I cannot give any further details at this time. The reason I am posting is because the firefighter who was driving the vehicle, is not doing so well. He is having a hard time dealing with things (Naturally). I am putting this out there, I know some other departments have had things like this happen or even something similar. I have become close friends with this young guy since the accident happened, and I feel if there was a way to make contact with someone who experienced the same type of thing, it would be great for this young firefighter to relate to someone. I truly believe it would help him tremendously. Please if anyone has had this happen, I would love to hear from them so we could set something up to help out. This kid was well on his way to being a great fire dawg. He was ahead of his peers with certification and on a role to become one of our best young Airmen. Even if he doesn’t stay a firefighter, I want someway to help him get through this hard time. Please contact me and let me know if anyone can help out. Thanks again, and if there are any questions please let me know.