It is with great regret that I have learned of the loss of your daughter. I am a volunteer firefighter and full-time police officer and I have seen the tragic results of DUI accidents all to many times. I must say that I admire your family's courage, strength, and continuing support of the NVFD and it's explorer program. It is a true testiment to Anndee's memory and spirit that your family can look past the act of an individual and continue your support of the fire department, it's brave volunteer professionals, and the explorer program.
I have been around the fire service since I was a child. I was fortunate enough to have been an explorer and I can personally say that the program has benefits for all that can participate. I can also say that I do not know of a single person in the fire service that would be afraid to answer that final call. I personally have told my family that if I am lost in the line of duty to take comfort in the fact that I was lost doing what I love. I hope that your family can do the same.
I will close by saying that the prayers of millions are with your family. We all pray that such tragic incidents can be avoided. If the loss of a fellow "sister" can teach someone else why DUI is so dangerous than maybe it will save another person's life. If that can happen I feel like the loss of Anndee will not have been completely in vain. May God bless and comfort your family in this time of unthinkable loss.