“My Brothers Locker”
“Dedicated to fallen firefighters”

His locker once full of life and memories now still,
As each of us pass, we remember how he was killed,
Taken from us, not in glory or shame,
Just by one act of tragedy, he was taken away,

We remember he walked these halls by our side,
He, who made us once laugh, now makes us cry,
A partner, a brother, a friend, at all times,
Surviving without him, will be an uphill climb,

We knew his purpose, to protect others from harm,
But he is now missed most under our arms,
Taken away without a simple goodbye,
We remember his casket and the tears in our eyes,

The sea’s of red had had wept that day,
For our brother and friend was given away,
To go to a place without danger or fear,
With the purpose of his absence still unclear,

We empty his locker, and tuck the memories away,
A quiet goodbye now, till we meet again some day,
Closing the door leaves such a large void,
Now we can only remember the times we enjoyed.

May the Lord watch over him as his spirit ascends,
But allow him to remember he had many friends,
May he visit us in our times of need,
Something as simple as a being a blowing leaf.

©2010 David Kristofek All rights reserved.