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Reasoning behind the exercise?

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  • Reasoning behind the exercise?

    Does anyone have information on why we do certain exercise? Or what activity the exercise mimics? Looking for the purpose of the exercise.
    Example: squats for overhaul

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    It all depends on what you are trying to do ie. lose weight, build muscle, cardiovascular etc. Maybe you can mimic an excercise but you may not be targeting the area to do any good in comparison to an actual excercise program. I break down my routine to target specific areas such as the legs and abs for one session, the arms (triceps and biceps) for one session and the chest and back for another. A good personal trainer can assist you.


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      Squats = Get big

      Deadlifts = Get big legs and back

      Bench press = Get big chest

      Shoulder press = Get big shoulders

      Bent over rows = Get a big back

      Skull crushers and dips = Get big triceps

      Barbell curls = For the girls

      Situps = For the girls

      Cardio = Dont get fat and look at the girls

      Oh ya, and it helps to stay in shape for "Da Job"


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        Sport specific training is IMO very different from weight training. With weight training you goal is to strengthen the entire body. Why? A stronger body works more efficient. A more efficient body uses less energy for the same task as a weak body. The stress that a weak body perceives vs. the stess that a strong body perceives is greater. A 100 lbs. is a 100 lbs. but it less of a task for the stronger person.
        Sport specific training is very easy to understand. Take a person who works out on a regular basis. Put this person in a pool and swim laps with a person that does not workout but swims everyday. The person who swims everyday will swim laps around the other person, litterally! Why? The more a person practices a certain task the better they become at it. Even if the strength of the person does not get any greater they will be more proficient at the task.


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          Try this. each exercise has a muscle group tag

          I am a highly trained professional and can find my :: expletive deleted:: with either hand in various light conditions.


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            thank you don,
            its not the muscle group tag, I was looking for but the event tag.
            Not loooking for CPAT specific but that is a step in right direction.
            Trying to buid workout schedule for myself using equipment at home, and run while on shift.
            Our current workout room at ths station is not conducive to a good workout.
            Too small,dark and noisy(next to a elctric pump that runs constantly).


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