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    During college my sprint coach had the sprint team on a three-a-day workout program. We ran in the early AM, did endurance workouts at noon, then did technique and strength training in the late afternoon. Now, I'm not 18 or 21 anymore. But, I was wondering if anyone here has tried this type of workout program. I know it's very intensive and if you have any type of job it's hard to workout at noon...let alone eat enough to supply the energy needed for three workouts a day.

    My current job is fairly flexible and I was thinking of going back on this type of workout program.

    Five Days A Week
    8-9AM: Run 3 to 4 miles or 30 to 40 minutes.
    12-2PM: Bike or do Stairs for an hour (one or mix)
    5-7PM: Strenth workout.

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    Interesting program. I guess it would all depend on what your fitness goals are. That program would definitaly improve your cardio endurance and probably keep you pretty lean. The only thing I would worry about is overtraining if you followed that program for too long.

    I am trying to pack on as much lean muscle mass as possible. That program would not be right for myself and my goals because it is too much cardio and not enough time for the body to recover. I weight train 4 - 5 days a week and do moderate cardio and interval training for 30 min. 4-5 days a week. I also make sure and have two days a week where I do not train at all to let my body rest and rebuild itself.

    Let us know how it is if you decide to follow that program. Goodluck!!


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      I actually spoke with my old coach this afternoon about this program, he used to be on the Olympic sprint team (in the 80s) as an assistant coach. Needless to say I was very lucky to have had him as a sprint coach in college, he really showed me how much I didn't know on the first day of practice

      My goal is to gain lean muscle while maintaining strong cardio. I'm 5'10" at 185lb. I know there's a lot of cardio in this regiment which is why I question the results. I rest my body two to three days a week depending on my workout schedule. After speaking with my old coach he suggested a few options that would increase lean muscle at the same time keeping strong cardio without "burnout". He emphasized "correct diet" about two dozen times. He said, "Don't forget Hank, you are what you eat".

      I'll post results after a few weeks on this regiment.
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