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What about healthy meals OUTSIDE the firehouse???

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  • What about healthy meals OUTSIDE the firehouse???

    Hi all,
    This is going to be a quick forum post and an SOS. I am a 20 year old pier diem FF/EMT at multiple services and am also a full time college student. Lately I have been having trouble finding healthy meals that I can cook that work for this type of on the go life style. Allot of posts focus on how to make healthy meals at the firehouse but not the majority of food is eaten there. I've noticed I've started gaining weight (fat not muscle) no matter how much I work out or push myself. My diet at the moment is aweful. I want to make a change and am looking for suggestions on quick, easy, healthy meals that I can take with me without worrying too much about spoiling. Just a name or even a link to a recipe would be great! Also what have you found to work for you? Thank you guys for all the help!

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    I think the best thing you can do is to start by identifying what is wrong in your diet and remove it. It is likely not complicated. For me and for most Americans it is fast food, sugar, alcohol. I would say pick what is the biggest factor for you and eliminate it. Get used to living without it and then work on the next. What you eat will start falling into the "better for you " category. I started with fast food and then cut out sugar. I limit the alcohol. It doesnt take long to get used to and you will see changes over time. I've been off the junk for over 3 years. Its not so hard to do.


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      I doubt it is unique to California, but I'm finding a grocery stores are now carrying a lot of fresh made, prepackaged ready to eat meals / snacks that are for the most part healthy. Salads, wraps, soups, fruit and vegetable trays etc. Most are pretty tasty as well as healthier than most anything that you can order from a clowns head. If it is a problem to keep things cool get a small ice chest and some of those blue ice packs to keep in the car. That should easily keep for a day in your car when you are at school.

      Buying the ready to eat stuff at the store is more convenient but get a couple of Tupperware containers that fit in the cooler and you can also save money by making your own food the night before.

      I work on a wildland engine so we are often out of the station for a good part of the day. I've got a small lunchbox size cooler I keep on the engine. Even without ice or a cold pack the food keeps fine for the 4-6 hours until I eat it.

      Last keep some snacks that keep well, Clif bars, nuts, dried fruit, trail mix etc. Not for every day use, but for those shifts that don't let you get back to your food. Eating a Clif bar or a bag of nuts to hold you over now and then is a lot better than grabbing a burger and fries because you are hungry and are having one of those shifts that keeps you out and about. I know how easy it is to eat like crap on an ambulance because fast food is quick and easy.


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        go part vegan diet, cut out meat, and pile on vegetables, which you can prepare ahead and easily transported.

        Eat more small stuff during the entire day

        Watch that you are not eating anywhere near bedtime

        cut down on portions, and you will not even feel hungry

        for an entire week write down everything you eat and drink, YOU will be surprised what you stuff in your mouth!!!!

        Drink lots of water during the day to include a full glass before you eat


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          Drink lot of waters daily. Drink water after 3 hours of meal. During meal don't drink water, either take a cup of water before.


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