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How to get in better shape?

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    I switched from a career in fitness to the fire service. I have a background in strength and conditioning and was personal training manager for the University of Kansas. I am a big fan of Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 mixed with a conditioning program like Crossfit. Not a crossfit junkie but mixing short bouts of crossfit style training into a max effort strength program like 5/3/1 is a great combo. 2-4x a week is enough to make tremendous progress.

    Nutrition is key as well. Get as close to a paleo diet as possible. Someone on a serious training regiment will need more carbs than a typical paleo diet though.


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      Rule of thumb. Good fitness starts in the kitchen.

      Cut any meals you get through a drive up window or over a walk up counter.
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        Do not be too hard on yourself. Lots of times the proctors who put on the sessions just want everybody to be tired afterwards. Perhaps it makes the instructors feel more important and in control? Dunno that; but having put on a few training operations myself way back before the dawn of time, my training Chief frankly told me to work them very very hard. What would be the point? Chop until you drop? You might be in great shape.

        I use today at the ancient age of 69 an electroinical (sp) stationary exercise bicycle. Works for me. About $250 bucks for a very nice one indeed. Funny thing about the bike. When I started I lasted about 30 seconds, then felt like I was going to code and die quickly. But ... after awhile it becomes habit forming. The more you use the bike, the easier it gets. Just me. Respectfully. HB of CJ (old coot) ex FF PM RN. Dinosaur. Cave Man.


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          Eat at Subway ... It worked for Jered.

          Ummmmmmmmmm ... On second thought ..... Maybe not so much.
          Train to fight the fires you fight.


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            Pretty simple training program: Do each exercise for 30-seconds, rest for 15, then move to the next. Rest 1-min after each round. Rinse and repeat for as much time as you have available.

            1. Pick up something heavy. Dumbbell sumo squats are pretty good.
            2. Pull something. I like a standing row from a cable machine. Load it up with some fairly heavy weight.
            3. Step up on a box with dumbbells 12-18" box
            4. Pushups, when you can't do any more pushups, just hold yourself up for the remainder of the time
            5. Pull yourself up to something (pullups, chin ups, horizontal pullups/bodyweight row using TRX)
            6. Lunges. Use dumbbells if you'd like, but otherwise just take a big step forward and repeat
            7. Jumping jacks/burpees/ something to get you super tired.
            Rest for 1min.

            Look, exercise isn't rocket science. But here's one rule of thumb (there are many more, as everybody offers a "rule of thumb"): whatever you're good at, you can put on the back burner. Whatever you struggle with, make it a priority.

            I'm horrible at chin ups. I can get 6 in a row, tops. My goal, eventually do 15 in a row. So they are my priority. I'm okay at pushups. So I don't do as many of those. Still do them, but don't treat them as the end all be all.

            Make sense?


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              I know I'm bringing up a topic that is almost a month old, but just a quick question to the original post, are you trying to improve fitness or lose weight? The two are not the same. If it's endurance for overhaul, then focus on steady circuit type of strength training. Throw in some cardio time on a rowing machine, versaclimber or running and you'll be good to go.

              If it's weight loss, then you'll definitely need to check nutrition and calorie intake.

              Send me a message if you'd like a little more direction. I currently work as a strength coach in physical therapy focus. I am a reserve for a So Cal department and have been through a FF1 academy. So I get what you're saying.

              Hope I can help.


              • #22
                Hit the gym and work your way up increasing weight every week or two, this will increase your strength. You will also need to eat a healthy diet and stay on top of the diet plan. Some protein supplements may also help you with muscle recovery and growth. Good luck!


                • #23
                  I use the darebee website, its easy and fun to stay in shape with their programs


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                    With time constraint , we should be little more conscious with our diet and avoid fried food and irregular eating time.
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                      I know this topic hasn't been active, but know that we've got some fitness equipment in our station and some of our volunteers are using it, I'd like to hear from other depts (volly or career) that have fitness equipment in-house, how they've encouraged more members to use it, if they set up a training schedule, or any other tips or success stories you can offer. Thanks much - stay safe!


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                        Originally posted by speedtechlights View Post
                        I use the darebee website, its easy and fun to stay in shape with their programs
                        Just came across this site and I'm having my red hats look into: https://darebee.com/

                        Workout routines, complete programs, recipes, challenges...looks very user friendly, offers a variety of options and is FREE.


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                          Originally posted by scfire86 View Post

                          One of my wife's friends is a Registered Dietician.

                          Her commentary on weight loss is simplistic. Calories in, calories out. There is nothing complicated about it. Weight loss is the Law of Thermodynamics.
                          No offense to your wife, buy some people (including a cute blonde fitness junkie that I tried to pick up in a class once) claim that the calorie in vs calorie out is a myth that has been debunked.

                          check out this site, it goes into detail and has pictures http://physiqonomics.com/calories/

                          However, I do think that as a general rule, increase exercise + decrease caloric intake = weight loss
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                            Locate a fitness coach or somebody in the exercise center here that can help you routinely.
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