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Supplements and the CPAT

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  • Supplements and the CPAT

    I plan on taking the CPAT in March and want to start training for it ASAP. I want to start taking some supplements, but have no idea where to start. Do I need to drink protein drinks, or take vitamins, and if so which one's do I choose? I went to GNC and the guy there was really no help at all. I have been surfing the web, but there is just so many people trying to sell their products its hard to tell who is telling the truth.

    I am in decent shape and think I can pass the test, but if I can gain an advantage in the mean time by loading up with some extra help from some supplements, I think I should.

    Any help would be great, and if I could get some ideas of what has worked for people who have been in my situation, that would be great.

    I guess another question to ask, how many people actually take any supplements, and do they even work?
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    So why do you think you need supplements? What is you diet now? Keep in mind that your body will only use what it needs, what ever is left in terms of nutrients will either be expelled via urine (this will tax and possibly harm the renal system) or be stored in fat. Taking to much of any nutrient can cause harm or stress the body's system.

    Supplements are just that, to supplement a diet lacking in something specific. To take supplements just for the sake of taking something doesn't make sense. The way to go about it is to meet with a nutritionist or medical professional specializing in nutrition (sports nutrition would be best) and get a breakdown of your nutritional intake. A healthy, balanced diet will give you more than enough of what you might need.

    Take a look at the "Firehouse 2" book, some great information to get you started
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