Ammonium alginate, it is a white to yellowish brown filamentous, grainy, granular or powdered forms, its C.A.S. number is 9005-34-9, we also can called it as Alginic acid, ammonium salt or Ammonium polymannurate, it is the ammonium salt of alginic acid. Ammonium alginateis a gum which is the ammonium salt of alginic acid. It is cold water soluble and forms viscous solutions. It functions as a stabilizer and thickener and its uses include bakery fillings, gravies, and toppings. Ammonium alginate can be used in the following areas: ⊙bakery jelly ; ⊙ pie filling ; ⊙ice cream ; ⊙beverage emulsions ; ⊙bulking agent ; ⊙protective colloid ; ⊙beverage ; ⊙confectionary gels ; ⊙French dressing ; ⊙meat sauce ; ⊙flavor emulsion ; ⊙dessert gels ; ⊙milk puddings ; ⊙syrups, toppings, purees ; ⊙frozen fruit ; ⊙dietetic foods ; ⊙dry mixes ; ⊙icings Thickening/Waterholding properties: frozen foods, pastry fillings, bakery icings, dry ⊙mixes, fruit preparations .
So what should we do with this useful chemical,can you give me some suggestions about it? Thanks very much!!