Morning all,

Just wondering if any of your departments have hosted an overnight activity for your local Boy/Cub/Girl Scouts units. If so, I'd like to hear from you and see what worked well, what worked not-so-well, what activities you did and what suggestions you would make if you were to do it again.

The reason I ask this is because our local cub scouts had a "lock in" at our rod & gun club last month. The scouts arrived on a Fri evening and had dinner, followed up with some outdoor safety discussions and use of the indoor archery range. The scouts spent the night at the club, had breakfast the next morning and departed after a few more morning activities.

A local girl scout troop approached me and inquired if our fire dept would consider doing something similar, except we would lead discussions/activities related to fire safety and home safety. I think this would be a great idea of sharing what we know and do with the community, and also use this as a chance to open the doors to the community and use this as a recruiting event (not recruiting young scouts, but perhaps the parents of the scouts).