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  • AFG Workshop Update

    Just got back from the AFG workshop. First, Kurt's spirit is alive and well. The weather here today is miserable; snow, sleet, windy and the roads are treacherous.

    Significant changes are coming as has been previously posted. Here are the highlights.

    '06 awards: There will be 1 more month of awards. The 6 month delay for awards starting is because of the OMB playing games with the funding. According to the FPS if you haven't recieved a DJ yet you should be in pretty good shape for an award.

    Application Period: March 5th to April 7th


    1) The first departure from the past is the grant will be risk based instead of needs based.

    2) As has been reported there are changes to the vehicle catergory.
    Departments in the past that have recieved awards for apparatus can apply again. Urban/suburban can apply for multiple apparatus. These changes came about from input into the program.

    Additionally, there will be stringent requirements for apparatus. There will be minimum pump and tank capacity for pumps & tankers. Performance bonds (already required) and bonding by cities/towns that purchase a chassis seperately then send out for the body and pump installations.

    Some statistics for apparatus awards since inception:

    4616 awards
    4348 rural 94%
    191 suburban 4%
    77 urban 2%

    3) Population/call volume will be an upfront consideration instead of a consideration.

    4) Turnout gear. With the change in the NFPA standard TO will be looked more at age, damage etc. vs. non-compliance (except for extreme age). Ex. new TO from a grant 3 years ago will be considered compliant.

    5) The PG is in its draft form.

    6) If any one has failed to complete the requirements from past grants & are up for an '06 grant; you need to complete those items in the time frame given to you or your grant will be DENIED.

    The most important thing that everyone needs to do is:

    Read the Program Guidance Carefully
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    Thanks for the update. It's going to be interesting to see the results this year.


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      I know that somewhere it must make sense to piece out a truck and fire body seperately but I just can't see it myself. A whole lot of extra work. Thanks Bugle for the update. I haven't gotten a dj or sorry we ran out yet so maybe there is still hope.
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        Will there still be the same limits on career department funding to a maximum of 45% and volunteer/combination at least 55%?


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          The funding limits will remain the same. In regards to the difference in the vehicle catergory, urban/ suburban departments are not applying for apparatus in great numbers because alot of these departments have apparatus repalcement programs in place and replace multiple apparatus at one time. Therefore, the change this year for them, being able to apply for multiple apparatus.

          If that occurs, the 55/45 split may get closer this year for apparatus.


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            Holy cow...we didn't get that much information in our workshop. It only lasted about an hour. Of course our workshop wasn't put on by an FPS but rather an individual from the Illinois Fire Service Institute who had been a peer reviewer in the past. Still was a good presentation, but I was really hoping to get some more in depth information from a FPS.

            We are buying our chassis seperate from our fire body. We are purchasing the chassis through the state bid process and are saving a considerable amount of money by doing so (and we didn't even have to switch to GEICO).


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              There you go Not2L8. LOL


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