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    Hey Earl,

    about what time are we kicking off tomorrow morning (Central time?)

    I am coming from the station in the morning, and just need to figure out how early to ask the boss to get off...in order to avoid the standing room only ...lol.


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      Hey Kelly--
      Actually, things had all come together really well. I think there's enough door prizes for everybody to get something. Lunch may be simple, but we can provide it. Everything being shipped got here. Couldn't be better.

      Except for a few flight delays.

      And maybe a flight cancellation.

      But we'll get it all figgered out.

      If i had hair, i'd have pulled a little out, but not all of it. Yet.

      To dobieg--i wish i'd have read his post before i answered your e-mail. I think you should get off work by 0230 in order to make it in time. or 0130.



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        <loads up snowshoes> If I leave now....

        ...just save a donut/coffee for me, and don't mind the sneaky looking guy slipping in the door after Kurt starts talking - if I-80 proves treacherous at 5:30 in the morning...that might be me.


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          Well Folks...it's as ready as it's gonna get. Many people already in town--looks like some kind of fire seminar going on.

          Those of you not yet here--drive safely. The donuts are being made in a little local shop at 0700. i'll plug the coffee in at about the same time.



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            Just to let everyone who's not here, Kurt's streak is still alive. But the hospitality and the training is great.


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              Aw c'mon Derrick--it's just a little snow. Whipped into drifts by 30 mph winds. Kurt should get an award just for being on time after yesterday's fog and storms rearranged Untied (oops, i mean United) Air's schedules.

              Everybody made it in safely, and my wife had them well fed and watered. The township Trustee and friends did some great treats too. Our department disrupted class to run an MVA w/extrication--nasty one.

              I'm whooped, and got to get up early to plug in the coffee. What a day.



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                Well a few thoughts...

                Well done Kurt...picked up some nice pointers for sure. Nice to have my expectations exceeded.

                Earl can't thank you enough for the job you folks did in putting this together. Never had a 'salty coffee' before, and can't say that it was all that bad!

                You guys have a great place out there...stay safe and pass along my regards to everyone. Good luck this grant-year and hopefully we can all get together after a successful season...although awards better be released in warm weather 'cause you won't see me in your neck of the woods until all that stuff melts!

                Take care


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                  Dobieg, I agree it was a very informative seminar, besides what Kurt was able to teach us about grants and his studies for a future job as a meterologist. We also learned that the AFG is right on time with another last second change. RKB did the usual and kept everyone informed and up to date as he has been so gracious about since that program began. It was nice to put some faces with the names of the up and coming guru's or as we were called here the other day. Earl thanks for the hospitality and the great atmosphere, you have a great bunch of folks there. If you ever make it down my way drop in. Kurt, your weather followed me for a while, but I think I finally broke out of the arctic, but my kids loved it any way. I think I will try for the south next year. No offense Earl, but when I was in Orlando last year, it was a little bit warmer. Good luck to all, and expect a bunch of questions from me in a few days.


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                    I'll 3rd that motion!

                    It was a great time with excellent information. You couldn't ask for a better host than Pleasentview Township. Those guys up there (especially Earl and the Mrs.) really busted their humps to make us feel at home.


                    Please make sure and pass along to all your local supporters how much we appreciated the part they played in this event being a success as well (I know I earned some brownie points with the blanket...thanks for the tip Kurt).


                    Can't say thanks enough for the things that you do for us! I know you've spent 7 days on the road and I'm certain you'll be glad to be back home, Jack at your side, basking in the glory of your Vegas Victory, and getting some well deserved rest, but the time you spent out traveling is well worth it! Your track record demonstrates that well...even if you did drag old man winter up there with you!

                    Lime, Jeff, John and everyone else I'm unintentionally forgetting...hope everyone made it home safe and sound and it was great to meet you guys and put faces with names. Definitely need to do some more networking in the future!

                    Oh....and Earl....one last thing.....let the Mrs. know that I spent a couple hours out in the garage tonight when I got home and I think I got the carseat situation resolved. I just took the quick detach brackets off the backrest on the bike and mounted them up to the carseat itself and it snaps in nice and secure now. No concerns about bungee cords and luggage racks.



                    • Ryan--I passed your motorcycle mount solution on to Sue, she's on her way down there right now. Muttered something about a baseball bat and spring training as she left--i didn't quite catch it all.

                      Dobie--we're going to look into the hope of selling our water to Starbucks for the newest fad in gourmet coffee. And maybe back the brine down a bit.

                      Lime--No offense taken on the weather. Next time we host, we may head south to do it!!

                      Kurt--It wasn't an Embassy Suites conference room, but you delivered like it was a Ritz-Carlton. I know we give you a little flak on the weather, but what it did to your travel plans was brutal. Thanks for spending time with us, and for what you do for the fire service.

                      Pleasant Township VFD in LaPorte, IN was honored and blessed to have so many guests the past few days. There was a tremendous amount of talent in the room, about half the class was multiple winners. Kurt performed flawlessly under tough conditions, and delivered in a way that kept everyone's eyes open--even on Saturday!!

                      We ended up with 31 people from 8 states in our little station. Between Kurt's education and the networking--my guess is that we'll see in the neighborhood of $5,000,000 to $8,000,000 in awarded grants out of that room in the next 24 months. The translation into improved safety for firefighters and protection to the public is nearly immeasurable. The commitment that you and your departments demonstrated by giving up the time and funding to join us here speaks volumes.

                      Sue and I are looking forward to hearing from all of you, and y'all are welcome back to this locality to have a heapin' helpin' of our hospitality. Now all we have to do is figure out what to do with all our free time now that this project is done.

                      earl (older, wiser, and still remedial)


                      • To everyone that attended; it was my pleasure to see receptive and inquiring minds satisfied with good solid knowledge and ideas. Although this year's seminars will go down in the books for the "brutal" travel problems; in the end it was all worth every delay, hold pattern, refueling, bus ride and lost luggage (nothing like shopping at WalMart at 10:00PM for a new set of duds the night before I have to teach).

                        I am giving serious consideration to changing my handle in here to " The Iceman Cometh".

                        Looking forward to a prosperous and successful grant season for all; including those of you who could not make it.

                        Earl, to you, the Mrs. and the fine volunteers of Pleasant Township VFD in LaPorte, IN, WELL DONE! My sincerest and deepest thanks for your hopspitality and hard work, during my visit.

                        Regards to all,
                        Iceman ( thawing out still)
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                        Kurt Bradley
                        Fire/EMS/EMA Grant Consultant
                        " Never Trade Skill for Luck"


                        • Thanks again to all

                          Just wanted to pass on my delayed thanks to Earl and those at Pleasant TVFPD. The hospitality was "down home" (as were the meals) and certainly appreciated. Kurt was informative, knowledgeable, but most importantly realistic. Messages were loud and clear. The rooms experience was outstading!

                          To all the Friday night gang, thakns for sharing, hope all got home safe. Lets prove Earl right and hit for 8 million.


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