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  • Our Grant was awarded but reduced...

    We received our 06 Grant for new turnout gear and a washer extractor but the amount was greatly reduced. I didn't object whatsoever as any funding is good funding.

    We had requested $5100 (based on quotes) for a washer/extractor that will clean 2-sets at a time. We also received $600 to upgrade our electrical circuits for the washer/extractor. We also received $2125 per person for a complete set of turnout gear including helmets, boots, flashlight, gear bag etc. We average 10 years per set before they can no longer be professionally cleaned and repaired by an authorized center.

    However FEMA reduced our award from 20 sets to 16 sets...and reduced the amount for a turnout set from $2521 to $2125.

    No major deal. As I stated we are very grateful to be able to have any new gear at all. We'll make it happen even if we have to buy 4 sets on our own.

    I'm assuming that 06 funds had to be stretched further than prior years. I know our neighboring department with similar statistics received enough last year to outfit everyone...plus 6 new spare sets for certain members.

    I'm just guessing they are trying to make the dollars go further. But like I said...I'd have been happy with 2 sets.

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    Congrats on the award.

    With good purchasing practices (shopping around or bidding) you should recieve pricing that may come under what you were quoted. The savings (excess funds) can be used to purchase additional TO or at least offset the cost.

    Based on what you wrote, you were looking for 4 spare sets of TO above and beyond what was needed to outfit the department. This would have caused conflict within your stats. We have 16 active firefighters. 0% meet current standards. 100% compliance, but you request 20 sets. Or you have 20 active firefighters, 20% (4) meet current standards, 100% compliance (need 16), but request 20 sets. Either way, it will get reduced, unless adequately justified in the narrative.
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      The limit on head to toe PPE was $2000 in prior years but with everyone making the DRDs already in anticipation of the standard, plus the price of kevlar going up they increased the price. Same with vehicle price limits increasing because of steel going up also.

      bugle has the possible reasons for the quantity reduction covered so no need to rehash.
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        Were you notified of a reduction prior to the award announcement?


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          We were fully aware of the reduction prior to the award. Either way was totally acceptable to me.

          We will do some serious price shopping as well as research. I know we had to do this for SCBA a few years back. We ended up saving thousands by going to a dealer on the east coast. Turned out to be a wonderful decision and we made great friends with the far away dealership.

          Our roster is normally 20...with bylaws allowing 24. We are unusually low at 16...but that is what I reported at the time the application was filled out.

          I know we can do the job with the amount given. Its just going to require more creative thinking. I didn't want to be "too creative" when we requested the amount. I was trying to cover all the bases a year ago.

          We are very pleased.


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            Congratulations Chief.

            I must say that when I applied for 30 sets of gear earlier this year, we had 35 people on the roster. That has since come down slightly, and so have our IMMEDIATE needs. We HAVE to purchase 30 sets since that's what we were awarded for. Just like you, I'm finding that I may not be able to meet all 30 sets and stay within budget. We're talking a few dollars here, so we can probably spend the overage out of our savings (or better yet I'm trying to find a sponsor) and still meet the grant.

            We applied to outfit 30 out of 35 firefighters. The 5 firefighters who aren't being covered by this grant have had new gear purchased for them within the last 3-5 years. Everyone else's is older.

            At the time of the application, we needed 30 sets of BRAND NEW custom fit turnouts. Now I probably need 28. I will probably end up finding 2 of our guys who already had "acceptable" gear and fit them up, and donate their useable gear to someone else. The problem is that we were basically awarded because we met the program guidance - fitting everyone we had to 100% complaince. That number slightly changed since I applied, but we couldn't project that. We will still have 100% complaince, and another needy company will also make out at the same time. What a win for everybody!
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              What washer/extractor are you getting

              2Cheif - what model/brand of extractor are you getting? We also were awarded for a washer/extractor and gear drying system.


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                New 1199a on old award Oct 25
                10Qs on Oct 26
                Reduction notice on Dec 7 (D Day how inappropriate)
                They removed our accountability system and a few sets of t/o gear.
                We're still happy to get comm equipment, scba, and t/o gear.
                Have not received official award notification.


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                  During the initial phases of grant writing...we were getting prices on Unimac and Heubsch brands of washer extractors from "local" Indianapolis vendors.


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                    Originally posted by 2Chief
                    During the initial phases of grant writing...we were getting prices on Unimac and Heubsch brands of washer extractors from "local" Indianapolis vendors.
                    2Chief--e-mail me off-line (see profile) and i'll give you the name of our Unimac dealer up in South Bend. Might be worth a look for you.


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                      Turn Out Gear Reduction

                      Received a e-mail asking if we would accept $1,375.00 for a set of turn-out pant & Coat instead of $1,500.00.

                      Let me think for second........Oh alright well accept it.


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