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  • Little help?

    A while ago somebody on this forum posted what the ten questions were asking. Is there any way somebody could repost the ten questions on here so I can get a headstart on the answers I need just in case those questions show up in the mail? I guess I'm optimistic here.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    Here they are...

    1) If you are selected for a grant award, would you accept?

    2a) If you are selected for a grant award, can your department meet the required cost-share?

    2b) How are you planning to meet the required cost-share?

    3) If you are selected for an award, do you understand that the funds can only cover expenses for one year and that you have to spend the funding within one year of your grant award date?

    4). If you are selected, do you understand that your department will be required to report to National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) for one year commencing at your earliest convenience during the performance period of the grant? Nonaffiliated EMS organizations do not have to comply with the NFIRS reporting requirement.

    * If you need assistance reporting to NFIRS, you may call the support center toll free number 1-888-382-3827.

    5) Did you have any pre-award costs including the use of a grant writer?

    * If you used a grant writer, please fax a copy of the bank statement and canceled check (front and back) that was paid to the grant writer to FAX # 703-605-1197, to the attention of the Grants Management Specialist who contacted you. Please include the following information: Grant # EMW-2006-FG-XXXX; FD name, city and State, and your name.

    6) Do you have any changes to your point of contacts, phone numbers, or email addresses listed in your application?

    * If the primary point of contact has a new email address, please follow the instructions below:

    Using the same user name and id when you applied for the grant, log into https://portal.fema.gov. Once you are into the Status screen, you will select Edit Profile located in the top of the screen. Your next screen will reveal your personal information where you will see your current email address listed. Once you have edited the email address you will click on the Save button. You will then receive a confirmation screen that your profile has been updated but you are NOT finished – you must click near the top left Authorized Applications. You will then click on Firefighters Grant link near the top left to ensure that all updated profile information is transferred through the system.

    7a) Do you have any changes to your DUNS number, EIN number or your banking information listed in your application?

    7b) Have you verified that the EIN submitted (pull EIN from system) is correct?

    7c) Are you sharing an EIN# with your city and/or county? If so, please name the parent entity.

    7d) Do you have authorization to use this EIN#?

    8a) Have you previously received a FEMA/DHS Assistance to Firefighters Grant?

    If you responded yes, please indicate what year(s) you were awarded, a brief summary of what items were purchased, a current status on the awarded grant(s) and the dates of their POP (Periods of Performance).

    * * * Performance on prior awards is taken into consideration when processing new applications. Closing out overdue AFG grants may facilitate further processing of your FY 2006 application.* * *

    8b) Have you received any other Federal funding this fiscal year?

    If you responded yes, please indicate the name of the agency that awarded you federal funding and a brief summary of the items that were awarded.

    9a) VEHICLE Applicants only : Do you understand that vehicle awardees will be required to include a Performance Bond as part of the contract with the vehicle manufacturer.

    **Extensions to a grant's period of performance may not be considered if a Performance Bond is not included in the purchase contract**

    9b) Do you certify that you currently have a comprehensive driver/operator training program (compliant with NFPA 1002) already in place or, if you do not have a comprehensive driver/operator training program and you are awarded a grant, do you certify that your Department will have a program in place within one year of the award?

    Again, this is not a notification of award; it is only a preliminary discussion of your application. Once I complete my review, and receive your favorable reply to this message, I will forward your application on to the next phase. If your department is selected you will be notified by e-mail through our on-line grants system. In that email, you will be directed to a website to print the award forms and other pertinent information.


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      Thanks for the quick reply! Now I can get to work...


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        You will find that q's 1-8 will be the basic questions that everyone will recieve. Other questions will show up depending on the project such as a vehicle and station modifications.


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