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  • Still not announced?!?!

    This is getting to be agony!!!!!!

    We filled out the 7 questions, then 8 questions, then 1199A, and then we recieved this email on Oct 10

    "This email is confirmation that your SF 1199A, Direct Deposit Form, has been accepted by our financial system on 10/09/2003. The information is certified by you as accurate. Therefore, this will be the information used when FEMA makes payments, as requested by you."

    Still no announcment, still no grant.....

    I realise that I am probly just being realy impacitent, but good God, I cant wait any longer, I am going to implode!!!

    And to make matters worse, I have the County Commisioners breathing down my neck. All of the sorounding FDs have gotten their grants and spent them already, but the are giving me HELL because we havent been anounced yet.

    Nevermind the fact that we have never gotten a grant in this county before fromt the Fire Act (2 departments, I didnt do apps until this year). They think that I am supposed to just make money appear out of thin air!!!

    This is turning out to be way more stress then I ever imagined. I have tried over and over to get ahold of a grant specialist, they do afterall say call or email with any questions, but nobody ever will talk to me or call back, I always get their machine.

    Just had to ventilate some heat, holy crap, this is stressfull, yet strangely fun and invigorating.
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