One point that is missing in all of the above is that the "MONEY" being give out is the taxpayers. Each one of us have paid into this fund. It is my opinion that this Act needs Major overhaul. Every company (department) has needs. Every company should therefore be allotted "SOME" of their tax money back. This process of a computer looking over the application is only as good as the person(s) that write the program for it. I, like some of the other posts believe if you receive a grant one year then you should go to the end of the line and allow someone else a piece of the pie. It's crazy to say some one should get $800,00 and the next one only get say $15,000. In PA we had a grant given to all the companies (that applied) and the state then averaged it out so that all could get some. We need not be greedy. Some have the good fortune of being in a wealthy area and get more money to operate with than others. Where I operate out of we have 3 companies in the department in a town of only 5000 people. It's hard raising funds so we look to this Act to help the less fortunate. Good luck to all and lets all share in the wealth. Keep Safe.

I speak for myself and not the company or the department.