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Do all grants require updated 1199?

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  • Do all grants require updated 1199?

    We recieved a grant last year, and on Saturday, I received the questions. Will we have to update the 1199 or will last years information be automatically used?

    By reading the forum, it seems like most departments got the update link before the questions?

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

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    Some have reported that they did not have to update their 1199A info. I believe that they are checking previous recipients before asking for more work to do. Saves money, time and space, so unless they have a problem running last year's info they may not ask prior to notification. They may announce and then ask for an updated form.
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      Here's what happened to us.

      We got a Grant the first year of the the Program, then nothing last year. This year we got the request for 1199A on 7-2-03. We sent that in on the same day. Then we got the 6 questions on 7-25-03 and replied back with the answers on 7-28-03.

      We heard nothing until I finally called to confirm that they had recieved our 1199A and 6 questions answers on August 28, 2003. I was told that they had recieved our info and our grant app had been passed on and that we should here something in the next 2 weeks.

      Well today (9-25-2003) having not heard anything I called again to confirm that we had not missed anything. This time I got confirmation that they had recieved our 6 questions answers, but that they had no record of having received our 1199A and that I needed to send it to them.

      So today I again sent our 1199A by Certified Next Day along with the USPS Confirmation Recipt and Copy of the Tracking Confirmation that confirmed they had in fact recieved this info back on July 7, 2003.

      Im not sure what my point is, maybe just venting a bit, but I guess what I'd like everyone to realize is just because you sent it certified and have confirmation from your shipper that it got there doesnt mean it got to the person it needed to and got entered, documented and passed on.

      So if you have doubts, call them and dont trust the first answer you get.

      Hoping we are still in the hunt.


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        Let me clarify the question

        I guess what I was really wondering is this...We received the questions, but there has been no request to update the 1199A. Because we received a grant last year, is it possible that they will not ask me to update the 1199A? Is it possible that the grant will be awarded without an update? What triggers FEMA to ask for the update?

        This forum has been really helpfull. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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          This should clear up this matter. We received an award last year. We received the “six questions” on Sept. 6th. We just received our award package today. It states:

          If you currently have Assistance to Firefighters Grant with EP&R and your direct deposit information has not changed, you do not need to resubmit that information. If your direct deposit information has changed, please follow the detailed instructions in the preceding paragraph.

          If your direct deposit information has not changed, you won’t have to do anything. If it has changed, you will be able to change it once you receive your award. Which it sound like it won’t be long. Hope this helps.

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