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    Could anyone share your spec's, wants, what you got for your grant and what would you do different?

    We are statrting to get ideas and wants for our grant, International chassis, 2 door, 1250 pump and 1000 gal tank.


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    CAFS is a must if you're going to be depending on tankers for water supply most of the time. Personally it's a must for me even if you're on a hydrant, but others can argue either way.

    Things to think of (which you may already have done):

    Chassis - what is the response terrain and is a commercial chassis going to allow a large enough engine to power the truck without really creating a ton of wear?

    Is a 1250gpm pump enough to move the water you need to move for what you may respond to?

    Scene lighting - light tower, extenda-lights, whatever you are putting on it, is your generator big enough? Humans aren't nocturnal and the safest fireground is one that is lit up like daylight.

    Hose bed - is it going to be big enough to carry enough supply line to do what you need to do?

    Two-door cab - Is everyone else meeting the truck there? Or is this supposed to be a tanker?

    The best advice I saw for specing a truck was to figure out what you wanted to carry on it in the compartments, and lay it all out on the floor of the station. That will dictate how much compartmentation you'll need. Also go find other trucks that look like what you want and either go see it (best bet) or talk to the department's people and see what they would have changed (if anything). No matter how well you think you do something, there's always something you think of after you get the truck in. Talking to as many people as you can will help limit that list. I went through every New Delivery site I could find when we were specing the rescue to find examples. I talked to quite a few people around the country too. Most people are more than happy to brag on their trucks so you shouldn't find anyone not willing to help.

    And if you can get it, remote control deck guns are sweet. Not like the wireless wander a half mile away remote, just all controls on the pump panel. Keeps people from having to climb on top of a wet truck.
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      HME has a spec ready for download on their web-site. Look for the "Grant" tab.

      Good luck. Take your time writing the proposal and show real need, not want in your writing. Make sure that the purchase will help not only you but your surrounding community as well. The more good the purchase does, the better your chances of approval.
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