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  • Round 12 analyzed...

    Of course I can't stop my nerdly ways on the holiday weekend, but since Flochief noticed a bunch of vehicles go in Round 12 at the same time I did, and FEMA finally got the spreadsheet posted, I figured I'd post the breakdowns again so far.

    Total Awards: 3085 (~44% based on total of 7000 awards)
    Total $$: $202,162,546 (~28% based on $720mil after admin costs)'

    Avg grant amount left: $132,270 up from Round 10 at just over $125K/award left. My take: there are some big awards coming, unless they're just BSing us with the 7000 total and there's really more, but somehow I doubt it.

    Round 12 Vehicles: 112 for $13,923,851
    Total Vehicles: 382 for $44,355,259
    Total possible towards vehicles: ~$190 mil (25% of total monies), so plenty left for those of us that applied for trucks.

    Top vehicle award: $450K to Columbia Heights, MN **Now #1 overall award for a vehicle, awarded in Round 12.

    For full reports, www.firegraphics.org/grants.htm
    The ByCategory is up to 78 pages since it's all awards. By the time they're done it'll be damn near 200 pages.

    Anyway, have fun with the numbers. Stay safe, congrats to the awardees, good luck to the rest of us in the waiting room.

    Brian P. Vickers
    Emergency Services Consulting
    Westlake VFD - Houston, TX
    Proud Member IACOJ - Redneck Division

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    Hey Brian,
    Thanks for all your info. It is real intersting. I just hope we hear something soon on our grant. We applied for Medical equipment. We are trying to upgrade all of our 1st out vehicles to BLS equipment, minus drugs.


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      Thanks for the breakdown, however, I remember seeing that only $680 million was available to the program for some reason after deductions in overhead and other program allocations of some sort. I'm not sure what document that showed up in. 190x4 is actually 760. If we use the 680 million figure and allocate 25% for vehicles it doesn't change it that much, there is still up to $170 million for vehicles. That gives rooom for hope as well. I appreciate the breakdown Brian as just like buying a lottery ticket, you are a millionaire in your mind from the time you buy the ticket till the time of the drawing.

      Good luck to all!


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