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Jeff pulls off another one...

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  • Jeff pulls off another one...

    Fire departments receive grants
    WOODSTOCK - The Sterling and Muddy Brook Volunteer Fire Departments have been awarded grants from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Fire Administration.

    U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, R-2nd District, said Muddy Brook, East Woodstock will receive $54,554 and Sterling will get $358,650 under the Assistance to Firefighter Grant program which supports the roles of first responders in the communities they serve.

    Muddy Brook Fire Chief Russell Dowd said the money will help provide protection for his firefighters as well as increase its ability to communicate with other departments.

    Jeffrey Otto, president of Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications, said the Sterling grant was for communications equipment and the grant will be used in cooperation with QV to modernize the communications system used by 29 Eastern Connecticut fire departments.

    Jeff is former Chief of my department and led the writing of the three department regional heavy rescue team that's currently being put deployed from last year's FIRE Act funds to my department in cooperation with the other two. Jeff's also been President of QVEC since 1973 or so when they where founded.
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    Nice way to start off Round 9 with a bang of bucks. Congrats.
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      Good job guys!

      According to Lieberman's website, Northville was also rewarded.

      Guess we still have to wait. How long can it be after the 1199a and 6 questions?!?
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        Sounds like you are talking about a communications district receiving funds under the fire grant act. Maybe I'm wrong but the rules state that you must be an individual fire dept to receive funds under the fire act. If the rules are being changed in the middle of the process then there is a big problem with the program. Can anyone clear this up for me?


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          Just a guess

          One of the departments in the area probably used their application to request funds for the project. Our county association discussed the possibilty of getting a department to apply for training equipment and materials to be stored at the association building. There are advantages to that approach - you can instantly list every department in the county as a beneficiary of the grant. The association wasn't able to pull it off because every deparment felt like they had more pressing individual needs. It may seem like twisting the rules, but I really don't think so. In our case, FEMA's money would have been used to make training material readily available to 20 departments at the same cost of providing the materials to one department. It would have been a very strong candidate for funding.

          Again, I'm just guessing here but if I'm right then this isn't FEMA changing the rules, instead they're getting a bigger bang for the buck. Also, if I'm correct then it was a VERY generous gesture on the part of the departments that used their grant request to benefit their entire region.

          Ok Dalmation90, How close am I?


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            Pretty much what EFD said.

            Our grant last year was awarded in my Company's name, however it was from the start a cooperative application involving three departments. We buy the equipment & pay for the training, the other two chip in the shares of the cost and everything gets distributed. Bit more efficient than trying to divide such a request up into 3 individual requests, then if one gets denied not having sufficient resources to make the other two worthwhile. I don't know the exact details of the Sterling award, but I'm sure it's a similiar deal.

            Our grant app this year was sent in (by Jeff, to) as a "Hail Mary" for the funding a replacement tanker that the Town is having a hard time coming up with the funds for in the current budget conditions -- so that's where our grant app was used.

            From USFA's FAQs:

            Can my fire department partner with other fire departments to submit requests in two or more different programs?
            Each fire department can apply for a grant in only one program area, and each application from a fire department will be evaluated independently. If one fire department will assume the responsibility for managing the grant and obligating their organization for the matching funds requirements, then it is acceptable for a fire department to submit one application for more than one department. It should be noted however, that the fire department(s) who are partnering with the host fire department will not be eligible for the same equipment on a grant separate from the joint grant application. There is some risk in doing this, as the population to be used is that of the one department submitting the application.

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              There may be something in asking for equipment that can be shared.

              Last year, along with SCBA, we asked for a cascade system and re-hab mounted in a trailer that could be utilized mutual aid for the eight depts. in the county.

              This year along with hose and PPE, we slipped in a 14K package of audio-visual training mat'l. to be available for loan out.

              Hit two years in a row. I think FEMA likes the more bang for the buck theory.

              Don Cheek, Asst. Chief
              Lakeview Heights FPD
              Lincoln, MO


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                There may be something in asking for equipment that can be shared.

                I think it's a great way to use the funds to really pull off big changes.

                I'd personally love to see all the departments in our region pool their collective applications for a accountability system which includes both training/basic tools for a British style Entry Control System plus the high-tech PASS like the GEMS system, and do it so any of the 29+ towns the systems are fully compatible when you go mutual aid, your PASSes report to their monitors, and their Entry Control procedures are identical to your hometown.

                Doing it piecemeal as each Town/District/Departments finances allow could take 15 years and you'll never get everyone trained just the same or ever get all the hardware synchronized. But one big shot would have an a huge boost to firefighter safety & accountability.
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                  Good Job, Guys!!!


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