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Did any one else apply for a fire boat??????????

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  • Did any one else apply for a fire boat??????????

    Did any one apply for a fire boat and i'm looking for fire boat manufactures that build fire boats in the 25 to 30 foot range ?
    If anyone can help with info it would be great.
    STAY SAFE !!!!!!

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    80 people and no replies? Must be a record.

    Anywho, Tyler said there were some out there requests, such as jet skis and whatnot, but a boat would be a new one. I looked the rules over again and I can't speculate as to which section a boat would be, vehicle or equipment? It's not listed as a valid vehicle by FEMA, but DOT doesn't consider boats as vehicles, so it might have been equipment as the category of choice. I don't think a boat would qualify as a "basic" need, not in the 25-30' range with cabin and all that anyway. I can see a maybe on one of those mini boats, single person 500gpm thingies, or even just a flat bottom aluminum with a small outboard. Maybe even jet skis. Definitely an interested request, that would be.

    As for manufacturers, I don't know any offhand. There might be something in the Firehouse Buyer's Guide. Of course that really isn't a solution since there's no LINKS to the company web sites. You'll have to go to AskJeeves (ask.com) and search for a web site. Not sure what happened to the company links, they were there before the site was redesigned. Details.

    Happy hunting/boating.
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      I actually think I saw fireboat as a category on that chart for vehicle requests. The one that broke down priorities by Urban, Suburban, and Rural. I pretty sure fireboat was on there, I'll have to dig that up again and check.


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        Found it in the program guidance, both fireboat and watercraft..

        Fireboat Priority 3
        Watercraft Priority 4

        Fireboat Priority 4
        Watercraft Priority 4

        Fireboat Priority 4
        Watercraft Priority 4

        Pretty low, only thing lower is an ambulance


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          Re: Request for Fireboat

          Had a demo with a boat from M and S Fire and Safety. Boat is 25' has a pump. We had it pumping 2,265 gpm. Has a inboard jet propulsion motor. Base price is about $87,000. Ordered it the same day. Go to their web site mandsfire.com. Give Alex Smith a call. He can help you out. By the way we did apply for a loan for the boat and we were told that it is low on the priority list. But who knows????
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            fireboats vs fireact grant realities

            We submitted for a fireboat upgrade as that is our current department priority. Do we have a chance? Not sure, but I do know what the response would be if we had not applied. Let us not forget the other value of the program. 1) The grants help catalize needs assessments through the department. 2) Deadlines for the grant application assist junior members of the department with getting support from management on details of the proposals that may otherwise suffer from long term planning problems. 3) Obtaining permission to submit helps governing bodies become aware of fire department needs and programs.

            So even in failure (when and if we get a dear John letter) the program is of tremendous value. I had the honor of serving as a peer reviewer as well this year and can say that each proposal is given a fresh look and judged on its own merits. We have a huge marine public safety need here in the largest of the national marine sanctuaries. There are three ports and you may have seen the 1.2 million gallon oil tank fire that happened at Moss Landing last week adjacent to their harbor.

            Check Boston Whaler (Whaler.com), Radon, Kvichak.com and SEa Ark for boats.

            Good luck


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              Having worked with a Kvichak aluminum hull boat I can testify they make a great product. If you're looking to go cheaper than buying a custom fire boat, any aluminum hull (like the Kvichak) can be easily modified by a competent welder to allow you to install a decent portable pump (you supply it) with a stand pipe for a monitor. Keep it simple, make sure you have space to place a long board, and train your people.
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