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Round 1 Awards have been announced

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  • toddmcbr
    Yes, this comes from Senator Harkin's website. I found out last year that it was posted on his website several days before firehouse.com and FEMA.

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  • BC79er
    The notifications are probably through the various congressional offices. Last year we didn't hear anything from them because we cover 10% of one and 90% of the other. They sent the release to the smaller one, and since most of their area is in city limits, they didn't know what it was all about. Other office had the press release for a week and didn't know either. Hopefully it's because they were busy handling govt business (cough, cough).

    Anyway, congrats to all so far. Hopefully the full list comes out this weekend.

    Doesn't look like a whole lot of money up front. Must be some big $$ ones coming down the pike. Otherwise would have to be handing out more than 7000.

    But anyway, great wins all around. If anyone wants to share successful narratives or if I have yours on my website and it becomes successful, let me know so I can mark it for you.


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  • ttjjss
    From Arkansas
    14 departments are in round 1 , $487,681 total

    FF operations & Safety

    Haskell- 25,893
    Rea ValleyVFD 23,870
    Huntington- 30,206
    Milltown/Washburn VFD 13,968
    Bergman VFA 23,616
    Smyrna VFA- 19,001
    Cove VFD $40,187
    Nella VFD 38,969
    Glenwood VFD- 21,600
    Caddo Gap VFD- 38,016
    Bodcaw VFD- 13,500

    FF vehicles-

    Dover VFD 29,700
    Lawson-Urbana VFD 139,500

    Capt Tyler Sitzer
    Weiner Vol Fire & Rescue Dept
    Weiner, ARK

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  • killerb
    Good news for Iowa.

    I admire your sources. As of right now, there is no word of award announcements on either Firehouse.com or the FEMA web site.

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  • toddmcbr
    started a topic Round 1 Awards have been announced

    Round 1 Awards have been announced

    From Iowa:

    Fire Operations and Fire Safety Grant: Includes training, wellness and fitness, firefighting equipment, personal protective equipment, and modifications to fire stations and facilities.

    Chelsea $22,000

    Clay Township $32,000

    East Peru $14,000

    Oyens $36,000

    Seymour $12,000

    Firefighting Vehicle Grant: Includes pumpers, brush trucks, tankers, rescue, ambulances, quints, aerials, foam units, and fireboats.

    Sabula $86,000

    Fire Prevention Grant: Includes public education and awareness activities, fire codes enforcement activities, fire inspector certifications, purchase and installation of smoke alarms and fire suppression systems, wildland fire mitigation, and arson prevention and detection activities.

    West Burlington $45,000

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