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I have 3 questions on the grants, can u all help?

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  • I have 3 questions on the grants, can u all help?

    Hi everyone, i have 3 questions, 1st, is anyone at liberty to say what the 5 or 6 questions are that they will be asking? 2nd, will the awards be done in any order? example, fitness program awards 1st, trainning awards 2nd, vehicle aquisition program 3rd and so on. or will it all be mixed up? such as so many of each category awarded each round? to make it sound a lil easier, per say if they start with the vehicle aquisition awards 1st will the awarding go till that program is over? or will it be sprawled out into the other categories too? and finaly where do i go to to review my application? Thanks alot,, be safe too alll,,, chief5jmvfd

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    Awards are not given out in any particular order, at least they haven't been......

    5 Questions are usually just things to verify your info.......

    Are you still interested in the grant?

    Can you still pay your portion if awarded?

    Has your contact info changed?
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      Each application is reviewed by three fire related people. Each of these three people give every application that made it through the computer process a score. They then combine the three scores. As far as the award process goes, the applications with the highest score,no matter what it was for, will be awarded first. They'll keep awarding to the lower scoring applications until the money runs out.

      You can view your application from the USFA web site.
      Heres the link for ya http://www.usfa.fema.gov.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your grant. STAY SAFE.


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