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HD/Webinar gave canned answer, please help with this.

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  • HD/Webinar gave canned answer, please help with this.

    I asked the HD and the staff during the webinar some questions and they responded with the NOFO guidance which is as clear as mud, IMO.

    Can someone help me with these 5 questions:

    1- Should you apply for SCBA for ALL riding positions (including a 3 person brush truck and 7 person squad) or just those used in front-line responses to structural fires and hazardous materials responses? Our station has 1 Quint (6 seats), 1 Engine (5 seats), 1 Rescue (7 seats), 1 Tender (2 seats), 1 Brush (3 seats) and 1 Squad (7 seats). I want to ask for 20 (Quint, Eng, Res, Tender seats) but will that score me lower if I do not ask for 30?

    2- In regards to the following question on the application: "If you are requesting new SCBA, how many of your seated riding positions currently have compliant SCBA assigned to it?". All of our 16 SCBA are 2002 ed. NFPA 1981. In another part of the application we are answering that question, but how do we answer this one? If they are greater than 10 years old and more than 2 NFPA cycles, does this mean for THIS PARTICULAR question I have ZERO riding positions with compliant SCBA?

    3- Under the PPE Request Details, Questions 7 (Is your department trained in the proper use of PPE/SCBA being requested?) - do we answer NO to this since new SCBA will require SPECIFIC training on these particular devices

    4- Under the PPE Request Details, Questions 8 (Are you requesting funding training for this PPE/SCBA?) If I am correct I should answer YES because our agency will be seeking a training program through the SCBA Mfg and the State Fire Academy to increase user awareness to new SCBA, right?

    5- Under the PPE Request Details, Questions 9 (If you are not requesting training funds through this application, will you obtain training for this PPE/SCBA through other sources?) I would answer this NO as I am seeking funding for training for the SCBA, right?

    Thanks in advance for any insight/help.


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    Oh man, was this too much for people to digest?


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      Not really, but mostly answered in other recent posts.

      1) utility and brush trucks don't get SCBA per NFPA 1901 so they aren't part of the seat count. Also your seat count is your maximum, no requirement to outfit all if you don't operate that way. NFPA 1500 requires 12 per department to function, but some only do 8 because they never get 12 to a scene and can't afford the extra matching money.

      2) Correct, over 10 or over 2 revisions is not compliant.

      3) trained in SCBA use meaning FF1, etc. Model specific training isn't what they're talking about as far as what's where on the pack.

      4) Yes for State FIre Academy if you're going to do save your own or something like that, no if it's just manufacturer familiarization. This and the previous one are talking about certified training, not basic familiarization type stuff.

      5) If you answer Yes for requesting money as part of the application to be trained, then Question 9 doesn't need to be answered but it is No if they're forcing it to have an answer.
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