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Ambulance Narrative for Non-Affiliated EMS

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  • Ambulance Narrative for Non-Affiliated EMS

    Hello fellow grant submitter's!

    I have found a ton of information on this forum; however I am wondering if anybody has a successful narrative for an ambulance replacement. I understand chances are slim, but we are a small rural nonprofit EMS service that is struggling and I have taken it upon myself to try to get our first AFG application submitted. I am pulling out my hair trying to come up with a narrative as I have no experience in this at all. I do have all the statistics and numbers just no clue how to put it all together and we have no money to hire a grant writer.

    I noticed a few posts from years ago that one had been passed around, but did not want to reawaken threads from 2010. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

    The idea is to apply for an ambulance replacement under vehicle acquisitions and then power stretcher and power load system under equipment acquisitions. Is that the typical format and if so is that two completely separate narratives or is both narratives submitted as in with everything documented?

    Thank you in advance for any help.


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    You can included the stretcher with the price of the ambulance under additional funding. What good is your Ops application going to do if you can't fund the vehicle?

    As you are aware, it's a big uphill battle for ambulances. Age of the vehicle in consideration with the other vehicles in your fleet will be a primary factor.

    With regards to vehicle narratives, there are truly none the same. PPE can be easily explained and justified for replacement, but every vehicle is unique. What are your current issues with the unit? Why can't you fund it locally?

    Statistically speaking, there were less than a handful (count your fingers) of Ambulances awarded to Non-Affiliated EMS agencies in 2014.


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