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    Last year, Mobile computing devices intended to be used on-scene were listed as a High Priority items. I'm putting together the narratives for an application this year. We use a Countywide Dispatch Center with specific first-due, second-due, etc response areas. So, for as the aspect of assisting with dispatching the closest unit to a scene, that's a non-issue to be covered.

    I've included information in the Project Description that includes the implementation of pre-planning to response locations and the immediate access to building schematics that we don't have right now. And, that we've price quoted various makes and models that would meet our needs.

    For Operations and Safety / Cost Benefit, I've included, again, that the immediate access to pre-planning,, building schematics, hazardous material response guides, and integration with an immediate notification program that can computer-auto dial all phones within a specified area to warn them of the dangerous situation that is occurring.

    For Statement of Effect, I've included that the Chief Officers and Line Officers will all have immediate access to the same information through the integrated technology.

    But, I seem to be repeating myself throughout the narratives.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that might be helpful?

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    Project Description: problem explanation, solution, cost of solution

    Cost-Benefit: comparison of how much it will cost to how much it will save in time/money compared to other solutions. Lives is something that applies to every application so can be included but pretty much everything we ask for and use saves lives.

    Operational Improvement/Statement of Effect: what is going to get done if you are funded that can't be accomplished now, or is highly inefficient compared to post-award project implementation.

    Sometimes it can feel like you're blending, and a lot of people which can lead to lower scores. Keeping those headings in mind and what they're there for can help keep the various bulletpoints in mind.

    For instance something like this with the statement "We'll be able to keep easily update and re-deploy pre-plans" could be either operational improvement or cost-benefit, but that's not a complete sentiment as written in the quotes. Is the point that you're saving time/money during the inspections? Re-drawing of plans? Adding new structures? Sending changes to mutual aid agencies? Saving time/money while not on an incident is cost-benefit. Saving damages by making more rapid entry without breaking as much saves the building owners time/money, still cost-benefit.

    Or is the end of that sentence that you'd be able to avoid sending people down the wrong hallway? Into an area with high voltage equipment? Keep from sending the wrong ladders to the wrong corners for setup? Saving time/lives while operating at an incident is just that, operational improvement.

    The bullet points have to be in the right spot in order to keep the scores high, otherwise if they're in the wrong spot there's no credit for having them in the application somewhere. Grenades are nice but not when a sniper shot is needed to get the job done.
    Brian P. Vickers
    CEO - Vickers Consulting Services, Inc
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      To add to what Brian stated,

      This is everything you need to ace peer review.


      Spend your time filling out these questions in your narratives. Don't list the same things three times, just pigeon hole them into the proper spots.

      If you don't, and the peer reviewer has to go looking, or digging through superfluous information to get to what should be in that narrative, your score can go down. There is only so much time to go through each application, and there is pressure to keep taking more packets of applications. If a reviewer has to go searching.....

      Cost Benefit is often a tough one for people. Just spit it out there. Lay me out some figures. Don't resend everything you had in the other sections.


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        Thank you for the input! It is greatly appreciated.


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          I wrote a successful coms grant that included MDCs. Will email you my narratives if that would help. MG


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