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Cub Scout Service Project for a Fire Department???

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  • Cub Scout Service Project for a Fire Department???

    So, I don't know how detailed to get so I will make this as quick as possible...

    The Keller, TX Fire Department is the charter organization for my 5 year old daughters Frontier Girls Troop and my 8 year old sons Cub Scout Pack. My question is that the Fire Department has never asked either of my kids groups for anything and we've never asked them for anything.

    I would really like for our scouts to perform some type of service project for the Fire Department but unfortunately things such as painting fire hydrants are not allowed due to "red tape" and the age of the scouts. I thought of possibly raising money for a fallen fire fighters fund but was told that they get enough support.

    Does anyone have any ideas for Scouts in the 6-8 year old range...please let me know???

    Sincerely YiS(Yours in Scouting),
    Mike Foraker

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    I dont know anything about the Keller, Tx Fire Department. Are they a Volunteer or Career Department?

    If they are a volunteer department, perhaps you and your Pack (yes, the whole pack....Dens 1 and 2, plus your Bears, Weblos. etc...) could all pitch in and cook dinner for the VFD members one night.

    Pros: Only one night to cover. Entire pack participates.

    Con: Could be a large group to have to buy food for and then prepare and feed.

    Con: Shifts of firefighters would all have to be covered on different nights (can't feed one shift and not the others.) PRO: Each den could take a different night.

    Another idea: consult the fire chief: Find out a piece of equipment that you could raise money for, and then purchase for the fire department. Example: a gas meter ($2000-3000 bucks??)

    It's kind of late right now, I'm having trouble thinking of more, when I do, I will post it.

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    Minsi Trails Council (Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania)
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      First thing I would do is ask if there is anything that you could do that they need done. There is no better way to find out then just ask. If there is no needs that you could accommodate then ask your troop. I have not been directly involved with scouting for years, but my family is and there charter organization has meals before some meetings and the troop serves those meals for them. The charter group does pay them a little for the service but that is just kind of a way they can support the kids better. So if they host any type of district meetings or anything like that with food being served maybe you can help.


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        A bench out front is always nice... if they don't have one.
        I am now a past chief and the views, opinions, and comments are mine and mine alone. I do not speak for any department or in any official capacity. Although, they would be smart to listen to me.

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