Hi folks,

The entire conference program is available at http://firehouseexpo.com/events_conferences.html

It includes hands-on training, pre-conference and classroom sessions and more from the best fire service instructors in the country.

This year's program also include several programs that focus on the terrorism attacks of Sept. 11 and how that has impacted fire departments, including:
Safety Initiatives in the FDNY Post September 11, 2001
Search, Rescue and Recovery Operations On and After 9/11
FDNY: Haz-Mat and Terrorism Initiatives Since 9/11
Plane Crash into the Pentagon on 9/11
"Aircraft Down" - Volunteer Emergency Response to the Crash of Flight 93

FDNY Deputy Chief Jay Jonas will tell the story of his crew when the World Trade Center collapse around them. U.S. Marine Corporal Josh Bleill shares his story when he was wounded in Iraq.