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WOF Report: 09-11-01 Remembered

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  • WOF Report: 09-11-01 Remembered

    Let us take time & remember this very tragic day.

    May God Bless you all,


    Paul Brown
    WOF Report
    St. Louis FireNet
    American Fire Notification Network


    *** America's Fire Paging Notification Network ***
    Local & National reports from pager notification networks around the U.S.
    (All times are in Central Daylight Time unless otherwise indicated)

    Thanks to Jon Chrzanowski (STLFN/STL810) for typing in the majority of the pages for this report.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2001

    · JERSEY CITY, NJ: Working fire + 2 extra Engines Box 308 at 520 Summit Ave. a.k.a. 129 Magnolia Ave. 5-story brick mixed occupied 125x125. Fire originated in basement of store and extended to floors 1 & 2. 4 lines run b/o DIV 1 DC Kearney. [EAN103]. 12:59a.m.

    · Working fire SOUTHWICK, MA: 131 Point Grove Road. 2-story wood frame single family occupied house. Rear of the house fully involved. All occupants reported out of the structure. [TAC9-C09]. 1:54a.m.

    · Update – Working fire(+) SOUTHWICK, MA: 131 Point Grove Rd. 2-story occupied dwelling. Rear of the structure fully involved. M/A Engine from Suffield CT to the scene. EMS for 2 victims of smoke inhalation. [TAC9-C09]. 2:06a.m.

    · STLFN: CENTREVILLE (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Midway FD has a working house fire at 8515 Belleview. M/A has been requested. No size-up other than it is close to other houses. [STL 819]. 2:10a.m.

    · 2nd Alarm – WEYMOUTH, MA: 215 Winter Street. A Condo Complex. M/A requested to the fire. [TAC9-C09]. 3:15a.m.

    · Working fire – WESTFIELD, MA: on Thomas St. A multi-story occupied Apartment building – room & contents fire with a heavy smoke condition. Fire is knocked down. All Companies working. C612 [TAC9-C09]. 3:46a.m.

    · MVA: NOTTINGHAM, NH: Rt.4 at Smoke St. A 7500 gallon Gas Tanker vs. 3 car. Jaws working. Multiple M/A. Tanker is leaking. [TAC9-C101]. 4:33a.m.

    · BROOKLYN, NY: All Hands – 2138 Filton St. x Lafayette. Fire on the top floor of a 3-story brick 20x40. No Special Units. PWH with the All Hands. Fire under control. [MNS-154]. 6:53a.m.

    · BEACHWOOD, NJ: Working structure fire at 352 Tiller Ave. 1-story frame fully involved with wires down. Chief 1600 requests Station 18 for Pumper and FAST Team. [EAN116]. 7:00a.m.

    · MANALAPAN (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: **Working fire* 28 Harrison St. PD confirming flames showing on arrival. 3 M/A towns to the scene. [EAN700-FCR-EAN503]. 7:06a.m.

    · BALTIMORE, MD: Dwelling fire at 2818 Boarman Ave. (Box Alarm 29-8). E-29 reporting a 2-story row. Heavy smoke showing. [MFN-4]. 7:13a.m.

    · MANHATTAN, NY 3RD ALARM: On arrival for Box 8087 for a confirmed airplane into the World Trade Center. F/P/T/F [MNS 111] 8:03 am

    · MANHATTAN NY: 3RD ALARM on arrival World Trade Center. Some type of explosion. Possibly a plane, into the bldg. Major damage and heavy black smoke. FPTF EAN100. 8:04 am

    · U/D MANHATTAN NY: Now a 5th alarm for the confirmed plane into the bldg. Heavy fire on numerous upper floors, numerous people trapped, all rescues to the scene. Extremely DWH. EAN STAFF/100. 7:59 AM

    · STLFN: BREAKING NATIONAL NEWS: An airplane has crashed into the upper floors of the World Trade Center Bldg in NYC. Heavy smoke showing from the upper floors at this time per news video. [STL810]. 7:59 am

    · UPDATE WORLD TRADE CENTER: BATT 2 reports jumpers out the windows…repeat…confirmed jumpers down. 5th alarm transmitted. Numerous injuries. Level 4 mobilization. [MNS 111] 7:59 am

    · UPDATE MANHATTAN: Plane crash 3rd alarm+ and 10-60 at #One World Trade Center.

    · U/D MANHATTAN NY: A second plane has just crashed into the 2nd tower!!! Heavy fire now from that bldg! EAN STAFF/100. 8:09 am

    · U/D MANHATTAN NY: An additional 5th alarm has been transmitted for the 2nd tower. Heavy fire is through the roof of the 1st bldg. This appears to be a terrorist attack!! EAN STAFF/100. 8:09 am

    · U/D: Possible terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. 2 confirmed planes have crashed…one into each tower…so far a total of 10 alarms have been transmitted. Mutual aid by EMS has been requested. [MNS 111] 8:09 am

    · U/D: 10 alarms struck – numerous people trapped, jumpers down. Starting a recall. Staging area West and Liberty Sts. [MNS 111]. 8:23 am

    · U/D: BREAKING NEWS – plane crash into World Trade Center reported as a terrorist attack - 2 separate planes into tower 1 and tower 2. All airports closed in NYC area. Streets being closed. Major emergency situation. [FNNM]. 8:23 am

    · U/D 10 + ALAM plane that struck WTC may have been as large as a 767. Various local FD’S mobilizing for massive mutual aid into NYC. F/P/T/F. [MNS111]. 8:23 am

    · U/D Unconfirmed that this involved 2 passenger jets which were hi-jacked earlier. Still have heavy fire and smoke from both towers. Still (2) 5th alarms with numerous special calls. EANSTAFF/100. 8:23 am

    · U/D B/O CITYWIDE TOUR COMMANDER: All off duty firefighters and police officers are recalled back to duty!! [EANstaff/100]. 8:39 am

    · U/D B/O FAA, all, repeat all, airports ordered closed. Hundreds of people trapped. Numerous burn victims. Situation continues to get worse. [MNS111]. 8:23 am

    · U/D FBI HAS ISSUED A LEVEL D TERRORIST ALERT. All large buildings have been told to evacuate. Law enforcement reports state that the first plane was most likely a commercial aircraft. [MNS111]. 8:23 am

    · U/D: Media reports that the FBI is investigating a plane hi-jacking before the crash. Condition still grave. F/P/T/F. [MNS111]. 8:24 am

    · U/D Terrorist attack WTC- over 20 alarms have been struck. Numerous mutual aid going into the city form Tri-State areas. FDNY in full recall. PD starting recall.

    · U/D Same as above plus entire borough of Manhattan has been closed. All entrances into the city have been closed. All Subway and busses have been ordered off the street [MNS111]. 8:38 am

    · President George Bush at a news conference has just stated that this was a terrorist attack. [MNS111]. 838am

    · U/D: All Units advised to use extreme caution due to the elevators look ready to collapse. [MNS]. 8:42

    · STLFN: It is now being reported that a plane has crashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC. Heavy fire from the bldg. [STL899]. 8:49 am

    · STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: Chesterfield FPD 1st Alarm at the mall. Roof fire. [STL810] 917 am

    · NATIONWIDE TERRORIST ATTACK: An American Airlines plane has gone into the Pentagon. All air traffic in the USA has been halted b/o FAA. Nationwide terrorist alert is in effect.

    · U/D New York Stock Exchange has not been opened. Plane has just crashed into the Pentagon.

    · U/D over 30 alarms have been struck. 100’s and 100’s feared dead. No confirmed numbers yet. Preliminary count is 25 dead and 1000’s injured. All Rescue Pumpers and Trucks being activated, New Rochelle, White Plains, Yonkers, Albany and Syracuse FD’s are recalling off duty members. [MNS111]. 917 am

    · U/D Both towers are still engulfed in fire and smoke. Also the Pentagon on Washington DC has been hit. Reported that the Federal Emergency Command Center has been activated. This is the largest response in NYC history. [MNS111]. 917 am

    · New York State National Guard is on alert. Federal troops on high alert. [MNS 111]. 9:17 am

    · A large aircraft has crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington VA. Heavy smoke and fire showing. DC3. 9:17 am

    · U/D major collapse of the WTC South Tower. FPTF EAN100. 918 AM

    · U/D Additional 5th and 3rd alarms have been transmitted. Confirmed 757 Airliner hi-jacked out of Boston is the first jet that hit the first tower. Conditions remain the same. [EAN Staff/100]. 918 am

    · U/D Major collapse of the WTC South Tower, unknown number of casualties on the ground. Unable to make contact with any staff on the scene. Requesting any Unit to acknowledge. EMS units requesting any help they can get. [EAN/100]. 918 am

    · Arlington VA: Apparent attack on the Pentagon Bldg. Smoke showing. [DC8]. 917 am

    · U/D: Entire South Tower of the World Trade Center has collapsed with numerous trapped. MNS111/3. 923 AM

    · BREAKING NEWS: A major terrorist attack in taking place in New York and Washington DC. MFN-4. 923 AM

    · BREAKING NEWS: Washington DC possible 2nd separate terrorist attack at the Pentagon. Reports advise a large explosion with fire hit the Pentagon. Unknown if its an aircraft or bomb. [MFN-1]. 923 am

    · Breaking News: WASHINGTON, DC: There are reports of a fire in the Pentagon. [MFN-4]. 923 am

    · U/D Multiple 5th Alarms at the WTC. Tower 2 has collapsed. City of Yonkers: A Second Alarm assignment in en-route to the city of NYC. [MNS111]. 923 am

    · U/D Reports of at least (6) 10-45 code 1’s. City resources being mobilized and Firefighters and Police Officers will be moved via subway. Also, #2 WTC 19th floor…firefighter down. Numerous Mutual Aid EMS into the city. [MNS111]. 923 am

    · U/D: Out of town companies are on their way into the city. This includes 5 alarms from Westchester, numerous Bergen, Hudson and Essex Co NJ. Tower One has just collapsed. Mns111. 936 am

    · Numerous maydays being sent. Firefighters trapped and missing following the collapse. [EAN100]. 936 am

    · U/D multiple additional Units going into the scene following the major collapse. M/A form Long Island, Westchester and NJ being placed on standby for deployment to NYC. Unknown number of casualties following the collapse. Debris covers several square blocks. [Ean100]. 931 am

    · U/D the 2nd WTC Tower has collapsed. [Ean100]. 931 Am

    · U/D Total of 5 Alarms of paid Westchester Firefighters are on their way into the city. Staging point is Engine Company 81 on Bailey Avenue. Additional FD’s from NJ and L.I. also en-route. [MNS 111]. 931 am

    · U/D numerous Firefighters and Police trapped and missing including Apparatus crushed on the west side. Military aircraft are now patrolling the skies over the entire northeast. NYC Fire control reports that all, repeat all, paid Firefighters in the state have been mobilized. FDNY reserve fleet starting to hit the street. Mutual Aid Companies going into the city and are being manned by 4 and 1. [MNS111]. 1005 am

    · Cleveland OH: 2-2-2 at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport – a hi-jacked aircraft has landed at the airport. [FPO/700/D703]. ©. 1005 am

    · PITTSBURG, PA area: Large aircraft crash near Somerset County Airport. [PA1]. 1005 am

    · U/D: Numerous Fire Companies are still calling maydays. Unknown number of emergency workers trapped and missing. Co’ having water problems and putting Fireboats in service to augment water pressure and supply. [EAN100]. 1006

    · U/D Large cloud of debris and smoke completely covers Lower Manhattan. Full mobilization of all Emergency Units to the scene following the 2nd collapse of the WTC Towers. [EAN100]. 1006 am

    · Fatality count is 45 and thousands of injuries. Mobile Command Center reports numerous people trapped on the West Side Highway. [MNS111]. 1006 am

    · Numerouis FD/PD/EMS mobilizing for deployment to NYC. Several staging points set up. Numerous fires burning in Lower Manhattan following the collapse. [EAN100]. 1006

    · STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: By orders of St. Louis Fire Dept Chief and Commissioner George, all members are to review S.O.P. 130-01 on high-rise operations. Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims and brave rescuers in NYC and Washington DC. [STLFN/810]. 10:06 am

    · Additional emergency resources from the entire Tri-State area are en-route. Staging of Westchester companies is at Yonkers Raceway. Over 30 Westchester Departments on the way. Rockland mobilizing at the County Fire Center. [MNS111]. 1018 am

    · Numerous Firefighters trapped!!! Also police and EMS workers trapped. Largest Mutual Aid response into NYC in its history. All hospitals in Westchester and Rockland on alert. Mutual Aid Ambulance from the Tri-State area on the way. Numerous maydays being received. [MNS111]. 1018 am

    · All Fire Departments and Police have been put on full alert. All volunteer Fire Department personnel are to report to their Stations. [MFN-4]. 1011 am

    · STLFN: Memorial and prayer service will be held at 12:15 pm at Christ Church Cathedral at 13th and Locust Sts in downtown St. Louis. Federal Court in St. Louis in closed. Sears Tower in Chicago has been evacuated. St. Louis Gateway Arch has been closed. [STLFN/810]. 10:18 am

    · Brooklyn Battery Tunnel closed due to bomb threat. At least 4 planes have been hi-jacked and one is still missing. Numerous Mutual Aid Companies on the way into the city. [MNS111]. 1045 am

    · American Airlines reports that 2 of their aircrafts were hi-jacked. At least one of them crashed into the World Trade Center with 165 souls on board. Over 10,000 Emergency workers are either at or en-route to the Trade Center. Victims being removed via NY waterways ferry to Jersey City. Total recall of Jersey City, Newark and North Hudson County FD’s and PD’s. U.S. military on full alert and on the way to the city. NYSP and NJSP on a total recall. [Mns111]. 1045 am

    · B/o Chief Caruthers, 10 NYCTA Bus loads of Firefighters are going to West and Chambers Streets. Numerous searches are still underway. [MNS111]. 1045 am

    · WASHINGTON DC area: 5th alarm+ for the Pentagon. Large commercial airliner has crashed into the building. Partial collapse – reports of numerous fatalities. [MNS-3]. 1046 am

    · Staging area for Queens/Nassau/Suffolk Units is at Shea Stadium. Staging for Bronx and Westchester and Rockland is at Yankee Stadium. Westchester mobilization is at Yonkers Raceway. No electric, gas or steam service south of Chambers Street. The Canadian and Mexican borders have been closed. Off duty personnel continue to pour into the city. [MNS111/Staff]. 1048 am

    · STLFN NOTE to members: If you are on the list to receive national pages, be advised our affiliates on the east coast are doing their best to get information out, but communications have been disrupted greatly on this very tragic day. [STL810]. 10:48 am

    · New York State Governor George Pataki has declared a state of emergency. The National Guard has been activated. Also, United and American Airlines have confined 4 of their large jets were hi-jacked. Mutual Aid continues to come into the city; searches continuing; Mayor Guiliani has stated that he fears “many lives were lost.” [MNS 111/staff]. 1112 am

    · Requests for the dispatch of 3 FEMA Urban Search and Rescue teams. Phone service being interrupted into the city. Rockerfeller Center as well as most large office complexes are sending people home. Police sources state that the deaths could be in the thousands. The US Sec and Exchange Commission have closed all markets. [MNS111/staff]. 1112 am

    · Still have numerous fires burning in Lower Manhattan. Multiple victims being transported to NJ. Still have numerous victims trapped and missing. SOD reporting that many victims possibly contaminated by an unknown hazmat, possible gas release. ** NOT confirmed** [EAN699/100]. 1113am

    · All off duty NYC Police, Fire and EMD personnel are urged to report to work ASAP, especially all members of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Teams. [MNS111/staff]. 1113 am

    · Los Angeles Intl Airport: all people being asked to leave terminal buildings to the outside. [FirePage ® LA-1]. 1120 am


    (side note): Media reports the USS George Washington and USS JFK ships are en-route to New York Harbor.
    · MFN: Maryland *State of Emergency* Governor has declared a State of Emergency. MFN-8. 11:18 AM

    · EMS has several large triage areas including the Chelsea Piers, South Ferry and the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Still receiving numerous reports of Firefighters and Police Officers trapped. Rescues are underway. Several of the FDNY Staff Chiefs are missing. Resources continue to be deployed. [MNS111 staff]. 1125 am

    · Additional EMS triage areas are being set up at the Javits Convention Center. Subway service is being resumed at this time outside of the boro of Manhattan. Rescues still underway. Additional mutual aid moving into the city including Federal troops. [MNS111/STAFF]. 11:42 am

    · U/D: 3 USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) teams are being deployed to NYC; still have unknown number of civilians and emergency workers missing and/or trapped. Still have numerous fires burning. Mutual Aid from NJ and lower NY State to the staging areas for future deployment. EAN100. 11:42 am

    · U/D: The Mayor has issued an urgent appeal for blood; Marine Division has placed all reserve boats in service. Also the FDNY has Commander 3 Ocean going tugs for investigation. [MNS 111/STAFF]. 11:42 am

    · STLFN: St. Louis County 1st alarm fire – 10695 Bellefontaine Rd. Unknown type structure fire – now under control. NFI/ATT. [STL810]. 11:55 am

    · U/D: Yonkers, White Plains and New Rochelle Fire Depts are now covering the Bronx. Additional mutual aid units from Nassau and Suffolk Counties covering parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Searches continue in the Lower Manhattan area. All hospitals report being overwhelmed by patients. Off duty emergency personnel continue to report as well as additional mutual aid companies. Still numerous people missing and/or trapped. [MNS 111/STAFF]. 12:04 pm

    · STLFN: By orders of St. Louis Fire Chief and Commissioner Sherman George, all flags at city fire stations are to be lowered to half staff. [STL810] 12:12 pm

    · NYPD sources state that the death toll will be in the thousands. Numerous buildings in the collapse area are now reported in the danger of collapse. Additional Mutual aid into the city. The NYC Emergency Command Center has been damaged. All Lower Manhattan High Schools have been turned into triage points. [MNS111/STAFF]. 12:22 pm

    · The following roads are closed into the city: The L.I.E. West of Exit 106; the Southern and Northern State as well as the major Deegan…this is to facilitate the movement of emergency personnel into the city. [MNS111/STAFF]. 12:22 pm

    · Los Angeles: Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm closed. Latin Grammies cancelled. [Media Page. ® LA-1]. 12:22 pm

    · Newark EMS treating 70 victims at Penn Station in Newark; Middlesex County Hazmat assisting with decon for possible chemical contamination. EAN STAFF/100. 12:22 pm

    · Additional mutual aid from Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Sullivan Counties being mobilized. Urgent need for ambulances. NYSP on the way to the city. [MNS111/STAFF]. 12:23 pm

    · Update – MANHATTAN, NY: World Trade Center: Fires continue to burn in the rubble of what “was” the World Trade Center. Fire burning heavily in buildings #5 & #7 World Trade Center. Collapse zones have been set up. Numerous M/A continues to pour into the city. [MNS111/STAFF]. 3:03p.m.

    · STLFN-National: MANHATTAN, NY: World Trade Center Collapse: At least 200 Firefighters are confirmed missing. Many believed to be trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center. [STL899]. 3:04p.m.

    · Update – MANHATTAN, NY: World Trade Center, Field Com#1 requests all available FDNY lighting equipment to be sent to 23rd & 12th St. Also all Broadway Theaters will be closed tonight. [MNS111/STAFF]. 3:09p.m.

    · STLFN: CASEYVILLE (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Caseyville FD is on the scene of a working Trailer fire @ 685 Old Caseyville Rd. M/A responding from Hollywood Heights FD and French Village FD. [STL 835]. 3:11p.m.

    · Update – MANHATTAN, NY: Reports of approx. 600 patients brought in to area hospitals with 25% of those critical. Total of 3 confirmed Firefighter deaths so far. [MNS-111/3]. 3:25p.m.

    · STLFN: ALTON (MADISON Co.), IL: Alton FD is on scene of smoke coming from a house @ 2700 Justin. NFI-ATT. [STL 835]. 3:25p.m.

    · Update – MANHATTAN, NY: A 60-story building next to the World Trade Center Tower 1 continues to burn & starting to lean. Collapse zone set up in anticipation of total collapse. NJ has requested a State-wide EMS Mobilization. All EMS Squads in NJ area to be ready for deployment. [EAN/STAFF/100]. 3:58p.m.

    · Update – MANHATTAN, NY: NYC World Trade Center Building #7, the 60 story Office building has just collapsed!! WTC Command is now reporting several other buildings in area in danger of collapse. Still have heavy fire conditions in several buildings in area. Reports that several Emergency personnel were trapped in #7 WTC but conditions would not allow a search. [EAN STAFF/100]. 4:26p.m.

    · MANHATTAN, NY: WTC Update: Heavy construction equipment being escorted to the outer perimeter of the collapse zone to begin clearing debris and searching for victims. [MNS-3]. 5:07p.m.

    · Working fire – BUXTON, ME: 112 Boom Rd. Structure fire. M/A incoming and laying a large line. C603 [TAC9-C51]. 5:25p.m.

    · MANHATTAN, NY: All Hands – Box 1292 at 1405 Park Ave. Fire on the 15th floor of a 18-story 100x100 occupied dwelling. [EAN322/EAN100]. 5:25p.m.

    · ALLAMUCHY TWP. (WARREN Co.), NJ: Working fire 2530 Colony Rd. Fire in an unknown type structure. Possibly a barn. Request M/A Tankers to the scene. [EAN434]. 5:41p.m.

    · MANHATTAN, NY: WTC Disaster Update: At least 17 EMS MOS (including Voluntary Hospital members) DOA. 35 ESU members missing & presumed DOA. Unknown # of Firefighters. [MNS STAFF/3]. 6:23p.m.

    · MFN-Special: Associated Press reporting at least 200 Firefighters were killed in today’s attacks. No real confirmation at this time. More when available. (JZ1) [MFN-1]. 6:54p.m.

    · An overview of the World Trade Center: About 8 square blocks in Lower Manhattan bounded by Liberty St. on the South, Church Street on the East, Vesey St. on the North and West St. on the West – with the World Financial Center and the Hudson River west of that. WTC 1 110-story (collapsed) is the North Tower (Box 8086) in the middle of the complex on West St. WTC 2 110-story (collapsed) is the South Tower (Box 8089) at West St. and Liberty St. WTC 3 is the Vista Hotel at West St. & Liberty St. WTC 4 (Box 8094) is the Commodies Exchange (SE Plaza) at Church & Liberty St. *with Engine 10 & Ladder 10 directly across the Street*. WTC 5 (Box 8091) is the NE Plaza at Church & Vesey St. WTC 6 (Box 0890) is the US Customs House at Vesey & West St. WTC 7, 60-story (collapsed) is across the street to the North on Vesey St. [CHGO-18]. 7:19p.m.

    · PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: Working fire – 16 Plessinger. Basement fire in an unknown type building. [EAN301]. 7:33p.m.

    · Update – PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: *Working fire* 16 Plessinger. Fire in a vacant basement Apartment in a 4-story brick occupied multiple dwelling. Visible fire darkened down. Sounds PWH. [EAN302/301]. 7:44p.m.

    · MANHATTAN, NY: WTC Disaster Update: Many of the Mutual Aid Companies have been released, still have a large Contingent of M/A EMS Units staged in several areas. NYC FD/PD/EMS Units continue to operate at the scene extinguishing fires and conducting searches. EMS reports Emergency workers are starting to become overcome by exhaustion and fatigue. Many buildings in the area of the WTC are still in danger of collapse. Official & news reports indicate fatalities could be in the thousands, at least 200 Firefighters and 75 Police Officers are missing. This will obviously be a very prolong operation. Further updates will only be sent when substantial info warrants. [EAN STAFF/EAN100]. 8:45p.m.

    · 5-5-5-5 with profound regret we report the L.O.D.D of FDNY Catholic Chaplain Fr. Mychal Judge, @ WTC disaster. A true blessed humanitarian who toiled & ministered for many causes without regard to race or religion. He will be sorely missed by all of us. [MNS OFFICE]. 8:49p.m.

    · ATLANTA, GA: 2nd Alarm Equiv. 997 Cox Ave SW. Large vacant warehouse fire with exposure issues # 2/3 sides. 2 Engines for brand patrol. 6 Engines, 2 Trucks, Chief and Support Units. [HNAN/RD1]. 8:58p.m.

    · MANHATTAN, NY: WTC Disaster Update: 2 PA Police Officers have been located alive under the rubble, searches underway for more trapped individuals. MNS254 on scene. [MNS342 IAP]. 9:02p.m.

    · MANHATTAN, NY: WTC Disaster Update: FDNY has just instituted the 24 hour on/24 hour off duty chart b/o Chief of Operations. [MNS342]. 9:07p.m.

    · STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: Metro-West FPD *1st Alarm Special Assignment* @ 18565 Melrose Woods Drive x Melrose Rd. Unknown type incident. Staging area established & move-ups made. [STL819/899]. 9:11p.m.

    · QUEENS, NY: 75-4785 at 104-05 164th St. x 104 Ave. Fire in a 2-story brick attached dwelling 20x40. 2 lines stretched operating. B54 has Valley Stream E/T/R; Deer Park Engine/Commack Truck both from Suffolk County operating. 1 to be the FAST Unit as the assigned FAST Unit L126 is operating. [MNS342]. 9:12p.m.

    · Update – QUEENS, NY: 75-4785 at 104-05 164th St. x 104th Ave. Fire in a 2-story brick attached dwelling 20x40. 2 lines stretched operating. B54 reports main body of fire knocked down & PWH. Return all Special Units not on scene. [MNS342]. 9:13p.m.

    · MANHATTAN, NY: WTC Disaster Update: *** FDNY LODD*** Mayor Giuliani has announced the deaths of Chief of Department Pete Ganci, 1st Deputy Commissioner Bill Freehan and Raymond M. Downey. [EAN301]-[MNS342]. 9:22p.m.

    · MANHATTAN, NY: WTC Disaster Update: New York Mayor Giuliani has confirmed that the FDNY has lost the Chief of Dept., Deputy Fire Commissioner and Assistant Chief, Chief Ray Downey who headed up the NYC USAR Team and several other top Fire Officials, several high ranking Police Officials have also been killed. Officials also report that several people including Police Officers & Firefighters are confirmed still alive but trapped in rubble and efforts are underway to rescue those victims. [EAN STAFF/EAN100]-[MNS342]. 9:27p.m.

    · MORGANVILLE/MARLBORO (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: Working structure fire. Garage on Texas road near Marlboro Auto Salvage yards. NFI. [EAN695]. 11:48p.m.


    *** FirePage Ohio Report for September 11, 2001 ***

    Covering All of Ohio and parts of Western Pennsylvania.
    *Note: All times are EST

    Report compiled by Scott Berringer FPO/D703 ([email protected])

    To Report an incident, call: 1-888-342-0143
    For information about FirePage Ohio visit http://www.firepageohio.com
    Or, e-mail [email protected]

    - 0734
    Erie, PA: W/F Box # 271 @ Buffalo & Broad. Cos: Eng 13, 8, 6, TL 1, DC 323. Eng 13 reports 1 sty blk dept store, smoke from the roof. FPO/D800 ©

    - 0740
    Erie, PA: W/F Box # 271 @ Buffalo & Broad. Eng 13 reports faulty HVAC unit on roof, no fire. Holding Eng 13 and DC 323. FPO/D800 ©

    - 1042
    Cleveland: 2-2-2 @ Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. A possible hijacked airplane has landed at the airport. NFI. FPO/D700 ©

    - 1338
    Fairborn (Greene): MVA/PIN National Rd 1 Mile North of Col Glenn Rd. Cos: Eng 4, Lad 4, Med 4, 3, WPAFB Res, Med and Chief 2. 1 victim pinned. FPO/1001/D217 ©

    - 1421
    Willoughby (Lake): MVA/PIN on Lost Nations Rd. 2 car head-on. Sta 1 & 2 on scene. FPO/D703 ©

    - 1557
    Cleveland: Update on 2-2-2 at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Plane under suspicion was searched for explosive devices, none found. Plane came under suspicion when Tower lost contact with aircraft shortly before it landed and screams were supposedly heard in the background. The plane was not scheduled to land in Cleveland. FPO/D700 ©

    - 1711
    Columbus: W/F 1560 Harrisburg Pike. Cos: Eng 193 (Franklin Twp), 12, Lad 12, Res17cuE, Med 12, BN 5. Barn fire. FPO/D217 ©

    - 2134
    Edinburg (Portage): Extra Company MVA SR 14 & Giddings. M/A Squads from Atwater and Ravenna Twp. Ops: 154.130/154.235. FPO/701/D703 ©

    --- Pages Today: 8
    --- Pages YTD: 3964



    United Kingdom:
    London Fire Brigade Daily Report

    7 Sept 01

    0753 H33 Wandsworth 4 pump fire, persons reported at Flat 41, Somborne House on Fontley Way, 11-sty apt bldg, top floor fire involving 15m x 5m apt, heavy fire using 1 jet & dry riser main.

    1259 G21 Harrow 4 pump fire at Churchill Court on Moss Lane, block of residential apts 50m x 20m, fire in roof and cockloft using 1 hosereel.

    2039 H31 Croydon 4 pump fire, persons reported at Flat 8, Reed Court on Oakfield Rd, heavy fire in a 3rd flr apartment using 2 hosereels, 135 ladder.

    Runs for the day: 692

    8 Sept 01

    0152 F35 Woodford 4 pump fire, cylinders involved at Old Dairy on Roding Lane North, 15m x 5m outbuilding fire extended to 1 truck & 2 autos, 3 15kg propane, 1 10kg propane & 1 5kg propane cylinder, using 2 jets.

    Runs for the day: 745

    09 Sept 01
    1537 A32 Hornsey 6 PUMP FIRE, ALP & HP REQUESTED at the Hornsey Pumping Station on High St, derelict 2-sty pump station 20m x 20m, heavy fire from roof, using 2 jets, Hydraulic Platform.

    1806 F42 Ilford 4 pump fire, persons reported at 10 & 11 Torbitt Way, two 2-sty terraced private dwellings 8m x 8m, heavy fire in #10 extended to #11 using 3 hosereels.

    Runs for the day: 999
    Runs for the year: 214049


    As I type this report, the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon are on-going. Please keep our FDNY and DCFD brothers in your thoughts and prayers.

    Jeff DeBell KC-01

    10 Sept 01

    1358 H25 West Norwood 4 pump fire at Roby Press Ltd, 4 East Place Industrial Estate on East Place, 2-sty warehouse & offices 25m x 10m, heavy fire 1st flr using 1 jet.

    1615 A30 Islington 4 pump fire, persons reported at 20 Hawkwell Walk, heavy fire in a 4th & 5th flr maisonette using 2 hosereels.

    2158 G39 Feltham 6 PUMP FIRE, CYLINDERS REPORTED at Ron Smiths Skips on Green Lane, fire in an auto salvage yard involving stack of autos 100m x 50m x 3m, fully involved, extended to 2 industrial containers, one 72kg O2 cylinder, 12 48kg propane cylinder, using 2 jets, 3 ground monitors, ALP (Aerial Ladder Platform) monitor, thermal imaging camera.

    Runs for the day: 954


    FEMA Mobilizes Twelve Urban Search and Rescue Teams

    Washington, D.C. September 11, 2001 -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency has deployed 12 Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Teams -- eight to New York and four to Washington DC -- to search for victims in buildings damaged by Tuesday's apparent terrorist attacks. The teams operate around the clock, and include engineers and other technical experts and specially trained search dogs.

    The National US&R, coordinated by FEMA, provides for the response of expertly trained and well-equipped urban search and rescue teams from over the country to assist when local resources are overwhelmed.

    FEMA's US&R teams are trained and equipped to handle any structural collapse, and consist primarily of local emergency services personnel from 18 states.

    Units deployed to New York include:

    Massachusetts Task Force 1
    Ohio Task Force 1
    Missouri Task Force 1
    Pennsylvania Task Force 1
    Indiana Task Force 1
    California, Task Force 1, Task Force 6, and 7

    Units deployed to Washington, DC include:

    Virginia Task Force 1
    Maryland Task Force 1
    Virginia Task Force 2
    Tennessee Task Force 1


    Physical search and rescue operations in damaged/ collapsed structures. Emergency medical care for trapped victims, task force personnel and search canines. Reconnaissance to assess damage and needs, and provide feedback to local, state and federal officials. Assessment/shut off of utilities to houses and other buildings. Hazardous materials survey/evaluations.

    Structural/hazard evaluations of buildings needed for immediate occupancy to support disaster relief operations. Stabilizing damaged structures.



    Please send our prayers to the NYFD and DC Firefighters who worked and gave their lives today to save others. God Bless America!

    Larry Louree
    retired Volunteer Fighter
    Orlando, Florida


    Fire Prevention Bureau

    Media Contact:

    District Fire Chief Dave Collini
    Date: 9/10/01
    Time: 05:08 p.m.

    Good evening,

    This is District Chief Dave Collini reporting on a five-alarm fire that occurred on 9-10-01 at 5:08 PM. The address was 1253 Knowlton St. the Willard Industries.

    Ladder Company 20 was returning back from getting fueled, when they spotted the fire and requested a one-alarm response. Upon their arrival they reported heavy smoke from the roof area and requested the second alarm.

    Upon my arrival shortly thereafter and seeing heavy fire through the roof of 1/3 of the complex, requested the third alarm and minutes later the fourth alarm. Set up command and ordered companies to the north to set up 2 1/2" hose lines and entered interior of building through the loading dock with Engine 20 and Ladder 20 with additional LDH lines to protect the remaining two thirds of the building not yet involved.

    They made an aggressive interior stand to prevent fire from going into production and office areas. The fifth alarm was transmitted to allow for changeover of personnel during incident.

    On two occasions firefighters were ordered out of building due to fear of collapse of walls and/or roof. The roof over the storage area did in fact collapse approximately one hour into the fire. Over 60 firefighters fought the flames and will remain on scene through the night as to prevent hot spots from flaring up. Also a crane is being used to gain access to areas that were collapsed. No one was injured at this incident.

    The cause of the fire is unknown, and is being investigated. The total damage estimate is $ 750,000.00 or higher. Any additional information may be requested from Chief Dave Collini at 352-2333 or the any other on duty District Chief.


    Fredrick A. Prather

    Fredrick A. Prather, District Fire Chief
    Cincinnati Fire Division Fire Prevention Bureau
    430 Central Avenue Cincinnati,
    Ohio 45202-2642
    Phone: (513) 357-7595, Fax: (513) 357-7579

    [email protected]

    To report an incident call 1-888-342-0143 or 1-614-646-7999


    Condolence Messages

    The Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service, Phil Koperberg has written to both the New York Fire Department and the International Association of Fire Chiefs to convey the condolences of all members of the NSW Rural Fire Service following the line of duty deaths of hundreds of firefighters in New York today.

    The full condolence messages follow:

    Commissioner Thomas Von Essen
    New York Fire Department.

    Dear Commissioner Thomas Von Essen

    For the past 19 hours we have been horrified by the unfolding of this dreadful tragedy that has befallen the people of the United States.

    We have seen the heroic actions of your people and of your emergency services personnel. We have seen their professionalism and compassion in circumstances we here, can only imagine.

    At this time of horrific tragedy in both New York and Washington the 70,000 staff and firefighters of the NSW Rural Fire Service, Australia extends most heartfelt condolences to our brothers and sisters in the various Fire Departments upon the loss of their colleagues.

    There are no words capable of describing the sadness and shock we feel at this moment. The loss of civilian and emergency workers lives is just too terrible to contemplate and our hearts go out to the citizens of the United States, to your firefighters, your police and all those that have the unimaginable task of aiding the injured, their families and loved ones.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all and to the families and friends of those who perished in the line of duty.

    The global emergency services community is a close family and today it has lost so much. We share your pain and your grief.

    Our thoughts are with each and every one of you at this time.

    God bless you all.

    Phil Koperberg
    NSW Rural Fire Service

    John M. Buckman III
    International Association of Fire Chiefs

    Dear Chief Buckman

    It is just after midday on 12 September here in Sydney. For the past 14 hours we have watched in horror and dismay as the terrible tragedy unfolds in your country.

    There are no words capable of describing the sadness and shock we feel at this moment. The loss of civilian and emergency workers lives is just too terrible to contemplate and our hearts go out to the citizens of the United States, to your firefighters, your police and all those who have the unimaginable task of aiding the injured, their families and loved ones.

    We extend to you and to all the emergency services personnel, our deepest condolences as we do to those who have survived this catastrophic event.

    It is a terrible, terrible thing that has happened and you and your members and the American people are in our hearts and minds.

    God bless you all.

    Phil Koperberg
    NSW Rural Fire Service

    John Winter
    Director, Corporate Communications
    NSW Rural Fire Service
    Phone: (02) 8845 3515 / (0414) 533 133
    Facsimile: (02) 9638 4671
    Email: [email protected]

    Media Information:
    24 hour Media Duty Officer: (02) 9898 1855
    Incident Upate Recorded Line: (02) 9898 1225


    Articles with a SAR perspective from a variety of news media across the US. Each article is different enough to be worth reading.







    09/11/01, 2200 HRS.

    At approximately 0845 hours Eastern Daylight Time a commercial airplane crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. At that time, the severity of the incident, the numbers of people involved, and the reason for the crash were all unknown. Shortly after 0900 hours, a second plane hit the south tower of the World Trade Center.

    Around 1000 hours, reports came in that another plane hit the Pentagon, in Washington, DC, and a fourth plane was downed in Somerset County, PA, about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Shortly after 1000 hours the south tower of the World Center collapsed. Within the next half-hour, the northern tower of the World Trade Center also collapsed.

    At approximately 1730 hours a third tower in the World Trade Center complex, Building #7, also collapsed.

    As of 2200 hours, it is unknown how many people are deceased, but it is assumed that all passengers and crew of the four flights were killed, as well as thousands of other civilians on the ground. Five DMATs and four DMORTs have been mobilized and sent to New York City. In addition, three DMATs and three DMORTs have been sent to Washington, DC. HHS & FEDERAL AGENCY PERSONNEL RESPONSE

    Operating Facilities:
    The NDMS Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been activated since 0910 hours and will run continuously for an indefinite time period.

    At 0932 hours the NDMS and the CCRF were notified and placed on advisory. The five DMATs that have been activated for deployment to New York City are NY-2, NJ-1, RI-1, MA-1 and MA-2. The four DMORTs are from Regions I, II, IV, and V. The Disaster Portable Morgue Unit (DPMU), staffed by approximately 30 people, was also dispatched to New York City. The three DMAT's that have been activated for deployment to Washington, DC, are PHS-1, NC-1, and GA-3. The three DMORT teams that are going to Washington are from Regions III, IV, and VII.

    NDMS - National Disaster Medical System
    DMAT - Disaster Medical Assistance Team
    DMORT - Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team
    DPMU - Disaster Portable Morgue Unit
    CCRF - Commissioned Corps Readiness Force (US Public Health Service)

    Garrison St.Clair
    [email protected]



    These are the registered tenants, and the number of employees officially staffed in each office.


    World Trade Center Tenant List


    CAROLINAS FIRE PAGE News Release Sept 10, 2002

    In honor of all the Firefighters of FDNY, CFP has completed a special project that began more than one year ago.

    We have completed and uploaded fire station maps of FDNY, broken down by Division and Battalion.

    All fire stations are shown in accurate detail, in most cases to exact street level detail. All front line companies are shown as well as special units. Also included are volunteer companies, Fire Patrol units, FDNY Fire Zone, Boro Comm Offices and the new locations for Boro Commands.

    To our knowledge, this information does not exist in this graphic format, on the internet or otherwise.

    In addition, we have also prepared a special page entitled "9-11 Incident Log"

    This is a timeline of the events of Sept 11, 2001 along with a log of our pages sent out that grim day. Included are "behind the scenes" administrative pages between dispatchers.

    Be advised that our new site uses flash graphics extensively, so we recommend you having the latest free flash plug-in from Macromedia. Instructions for obtaining this small software are located on our entry page.



    Jeff Harkey



    for September 11th:

    1951: T-27 organized - In service 11/16/1951 - Quartered with E-45 @ Cross Country Blvd & Glen Ave in Northwest Baltimore - They received the former E-45, a Mack 21 Quadruple Ladder Truck - Their 1st Captain was John H. Kilmore, promoted from Lieutenant of E-25. (CHM2*TUH)

    1962: 3 Alarms - Box#235 - 2045 E Monument St - East Baltimore - Fire involved the Pin Path Bowling Lanes, Incorporated. (CHM1)

    1973: The John F. Steadman Fire Station, on the northeast corner of Lombard & Eutaw Sts, Downtown West, was formerly dedicated - It was named in honor of a humble humanitarium & courageous leader of men, a "Firemen's Fireman", who was a 27 year veteran firefighter @ his untimely sudden death, with the rank of Deputy Chief - The 2 story concrete building is 173'x166', having 10 doors for the exit of the apparatus, with offices, dormitories, & kitchen/dining area upstairs - The High Pressure Pumping Station (now discontinued) was relocated in the basement of the new firehouse - It has (3) electirc pumps to provide powerful streams of water within the downtown high value district through an independent underground network of water mains - The station is built around the Bromo-Seltzer Tower, a lighthouse of the past, a 15 story Florentine architecture built in 1911 by Captain Issac Emerson & was the tallest structure in town @ the time - The group of 8 story brick buildings where the upset stomach remedy was made, was given to the city in 1968 - All of the buildings, except the high tower, were torn & the new station started on 11/18/71 - Units originally housed in the new station were Rescue Co #1, Flood Light #1, Engine Co's 15, 23, 27, Truck Co #2, Ambulance #1, Water Tower #1 (Snorkle), & the 5th Battalion Chiefs - The city was able to close (4) older, smaller downtown fire stations & consolidate all into the new station - Arriving from Elmira, New York, during the ceremonies on Dedication Day was a new 96' American LaFrance Snorkle, with tandem rear axle - It was placed in active service on 9/15/73 as Water Tower #2, but renumbered Water Tower #1 a week later - The Box 414 Association Coffee Wagon was shifted to the new station on 8/28 - Units presently stationed here are Engine Co #23, Aerial Tower #102, Rescue Co #1, Air Cascade #1, Medic #1, Medic #22, Scuba 1, Collapse 1, Special Rescue Operations 1, & the Fire Department Electricians & Radio Shop. (TUH)

    1996: 3 Alarms - Box#1422 - 707 S Central Ave - Inner Harbor East - Fire involved the Industrial Electric Company. (CHM1)

    George T. Ehrman
    [email protected]


    [email protected]
    Box 8 Club Of St. Louis INC.

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