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  • Katrina Cough

    Anyone else still suffering from "Katrina cough"? I still can't seem to shake mine after more than 2 years.

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    Care to elaborate?
    Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


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      Originally posted by nmfire View Post
      Care to elaborate?
      "Katrina Cough" is a respiratory ailment alleged to be related to high dust and mold levels in and around New Orleans after Katrina. It doesn't seem to have gained much traction among medical circles:

      Medical Study Shows No Increase in Respiratory Illnesses Because of Hurricane Katrina

      “There is no such thing as a single condition such as ‘Katrina Cough’ that would be different from the bacterial and viral respiratory conditions we would expect to see at that time of year,” Dr. Ratard said. “Also, the state has an electronic disease-tracking system in place that was expanded after the hurricane. This system monitors patient visits and alerts the appropriate medical officials immediately if a cluster of diseases occurs. No such outbreak occurred because of Hurricane Katrina.”

      Source http://www.dhh.louisiana.gov/offices...192&Detail=852
      For ALS142, I presume you've seen your personal doctor or ENT specialist about this persistant cough?
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        Katrina Cough?

        I know many who were down there working, and none who have the cough. I'd put it right up there with the reactions to formaldahyde from the mobile homes. The LTRC in Orlando was the worse place I heard of and they relocated.


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          Katrina Cough

          I spent 2 months down there, including lots of time going around through houses in the 9th Ward with mold and whole liquified turkeys lying on kitchen floors.

          People refered to Katrina cough in a joking manner.

          It's not real. However, that isn't to say your coughing isn't something. I'm just saying that the idea of a Katrina cough is hard to believe.


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            I was living and working in Jackson County (Pascagoula, Gautier and Ocean Springs) both before Katrina hit and for a year afterwards (on the one-year anniversary I moved to Phoenix, Arizona).

            Within a couple of weeks after the storm, I developed a persistent non-productive cough. It seems to be centered at the sternal notch. My lungs are clear and equal. Approximately 3 months after Katrina, I developed a case of debilitating bronchitis on duty. I couldn't walk from my bedroom to my kitchen (in a one bedroom apartment) without having to stop to catch my breath. I got one of the ED docs to prescribe me some Duoneb (that stuff will break up concrete!) and I returned to duty on my next scheduled shift. I also developed a single case, like some of my co-workers there, of tularemia

            Since then I've been having recurrent bouts of the coughing. I have seen a pulmonologist and he has no idea what is causing it. I have been screened and found to be clear of Valley fever.


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              I am sorry to hear you are suffering. Maybe I can help with a little info. You may need to just rebuild your immune system. There are many ways you can do this. You can take herbal supplements such as Kyolic, which is garlic in liquid form. This boosts your immune system. You also could drink a health drink high in antioxidants with the acai berry such as Monavie. If you would like to know more detailed info let me know, I will post more. I am a Massage Therapist, this is what I do. Help the body help itself to heal. Sounds like you need to flush out all those toxins that have built up in your body.

              Although you do not have metal in your lungs and are not dying from this cough, your symptoms sound debilitating. You may find a little bit of info that could help you get on the right path to feeling better in this thread.. If you need any more info or help, PM me.

              Here is the thread I am refering to

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                Ive never heard of it, I was down a couple days after it hit and stayed for a year. I guess my team was lucky because as far as I know none of us has had any cough.


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                  It's very real. I'm from Hancock County, and have been here steadily since 1989. I was at here for the full impact of the eastern eye wall which is the most severe part of the storm. Katrina cough is yet to have an actual diagnosis, and could possibly be caused by dust, mold or even heavy metal exposure. There was little notoriety given in the media when arsenic levels found in the deposited sludge was found to be exceedingly high... Must have been because it was just around us rednecks...

                  Medical care is still at miserably low levels in southern Mississippi almost 3 years after the storm. In Hancock County, (Bay St. Louis/Waveland/Pearlington) the Coutny Hospital has to farm out almost all of it's serious cases either to Gulfport, Slidell or Hattiesburg. We just got an Orthopod last month!

                  Cancer and suicide rates are frighteningly high and medical/psychiatric care is no where what it needs to be. So much attention has been paid to New Orleans, that most people here feel that they've been forgotten and left to wither on the vine.

                  Fortunately, we are a stubborn breed and haven't given up yet.

                  The cough was quite nicley described above nad still persists in our area.
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