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Cincinnati Firefighters threatened to be arrested

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  • Cincinnati Firefighters threatened to be arrested

    CINCINNATI (AP) -- A team of volunteers from the Cincinnati Fire Department are back on the streets of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, after officials told them they'd be arrested if they tried to help the city's fire department.

    Caught in red tape, the team had to clear their volunteer emergency services with the governor and the health department Saturday.

    Hattiesburg Fire Chief Jim Fiero says a Health Department official told team members Thursday to ignore emergency calls.

    The team was kept off the street for a day while officials put in calls to the governor's office and the Health Department.

    They were back Saturday morning.

    Fiero says if the Health Department order stood, volunteer operations along the Gulf Coast could have been shut down.

    He says the volunteers should not be caught up in so much red tape.

    The team operates the ambulance service in Cincinnati and brought an ambulance to Hattiesburg.

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    see here also:http://forums.firehouse.com/showthread.php?p=584760#post584760

    Wish I knew how to put in one of those nice links that everyone does!
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      This crap is happening all over Mississippi and Louisianna.
      FEMA is at fault.

      They're guaranteeing that noone moves a muscle without their approval.

      What's going on here is criminal, unconstitutional, and pure racketeering by our own government.
      Do what they say or get arrested.
      Disobey, and you don't get funds or aid.

      Good people, MY FELLOW MISSISSIPPIANS, are hurting and need help but the federal bulls won't allow it.
      They turn around aid and supplies. They demand "payment" of up to $500 to pass into the areas with truckloads of aid sent by my local churches. They demand that all who are "in the disaster area" cowl down and beg for any aid with stacks of paperwork.

      Some of you outstanding Emergency workers have expressed interest in coming down here. Some of you did. Only to be told you weren't needed. Oh, there's plenty of work to be done, just not by you. It has to be "SPECIAL" (and I think of Forrest Gump) personnel who respond. Can't be those who do this every day for a living. You're only good for passing out propoganda flyers.

      Thank You God for giving that Canadian search team the testicles to come down and just go to it. Noone will ever know how many folks they actually saved, it'll be swept under a rug since they weren't "special" (see above).

      On the Coast in effected areas......you know, in MS where the Hurricane actually did damage..........
      They held supplies from the needy until a County Sheriff (the highest ranking law officer in any Mississippi county) got fed up and drove to NAS Pascagouls and "got" trucks loaded with water, ice, and MRE's. He told the drivers to follow "them" and took supplies to his people.
      He was arrested for "stealing" those truckloads of supplies. Even though he was doing his duty as elected and protecting lives, he was arrested and put in jail.
      (put my *** on that jury.... PLEASSSEE)

      They "stole" county property in Louisianna and the Sheriff had to seize it back with armed deputy's just to fuel emergency vehicles and and post armed guards to keep communications equipment from being taken down (again). In the same Parish, the Sheriff had to promise he would arrest FEMA workers if they did not leave the WalMart alone to open for business. The store had power, water, supplies......

      Who does this FEMA think they are?????

      FEMA has no right to demand anything from anyone.
      They are a subgroup of OUR federal branch of government who are paid with OUR taxes.
      They only have the authority given by local government to State government and then allowed to the federal government by the governors.

      We may not agree with Mayor of New Orleans, but he is "S-1", Chief law enforcement/EMA/fire/and everything else. It's his call. Even if it is wrong.
      Until he's replaced by legitimate vote, he's "the man".
      And that's as it should be.

      I have but one piece of advice for these federal beurocrats........ and they'd do well to listen.........

      Walk softly, be polite, ask don't tell, stop being pushy, and NEVER think we're "that" RECONSTRUCTED.


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        If what Marionmedic says is true, and I have no reason to doubt it. What should we do?!? What a God awful mess.
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          Change it.

          Make sure these problems don't exist next time.

          Put real experienced personnel into planning positions.

          Anything but what we had this time.


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            MarionMedic, do you have any link or reference to the Sheriff story?

            Also, don't think the ineptness stops in Mississippi. Truckloads (13 to 17, depending on the source) of ice sat in Selma and Montgomery for over two weeks. It got so bad, some of the truckers offered to buy the cargo so they could move on to other jobs.

            According to local news stories, FEMA's first reaction was to simply restrict access to the staging area apparently so the media couldn't keep up with the story. Now they've come up with a better solution. They're shipping the ice to let's all wait for it...


            Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but won't Maine have plenty of frozen water really, really soon?


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              No links are really needed.
              All the above mentioned events were on Dateline and 20/20 and such programs.

              maybe the sheriff story with the trucks is local news.......


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                I wasn't doubting your story, I just hadn't heard it and wanted to see some details.

                I saw the story where the LA sheriff promised to arrest anyone from FEMA that got in his way and I read a Dallas Morning News story from Monday of this week that quoted Trent Lott as saying they were "going around FEMA". It also said he had instructed the Sheriff of Harrison county to arrest anyone from FEMA that attempted to confiscate supplies.

                I'm the Mayor of a small town in central Alabama. When this thing first hit, I had an EMT and an LEO ready to go (I know that ain't much, but my PD is only 7 officers ). I even had a place to send them that needed the assistance I ran into snag after snag trying to do things the right way and work through FEMA. Quite frankly, I now feel like I should have just sent them. They never got called and I don't know if that little coastal Alabama town ever got the help. I've also got very good sources at levels that deal directly with FEMA and the first person accounts I've heard do not speak well for the agency.

                If I came across wrong, I apologize. I don't doubt your info for a second and I think your assessment is dead-on accurate.


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                  Reg-free article

                  Here's a link to that Dallas News article that doesn't require you to register (that is so annoying. i already have 500 accounts that I have to remember, I don't want to create 200 more just to read news articles. heh.)



                  I believe that the Senators from Louisiana introduced legislation to pull FEMA out from the Department of Homeland Security. Does anyone know how far that went?


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                    I can tell you this, there has been over a dozen 18 wheelers circling the country with water and ice from "FEMA." They were finally parked here in Memphis about 10 days ago. The drivers are being paid almost $1000 a day to stand by and wait on FEMA's word.

                    Its very wasteful. The supplies are needed along the coast, they are sitting here in Memphis waiting on some bereaucratic bull**** before they can get delivered, and each truck has a $1000 a day babysitter!!

                    Our taxdollars at work! Go Bush!!
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                    Management is making sure things are done right. Leadership is doing the right thing. The fire service needs alot more leaders and a lot less managers.

                    "Everyone goes home" is the mantra for the pussification of the modern, American fire service.

                    Comments made are my own. They do not represent the official position or opinion of the Fire Department or the City for which I am employed. In fact, they are normally exactly the opposite.


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                      Lots of those very same trucks sat at Selma and Montgomery, AL for over two weeks...


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                        Originally posted by MarionMedic
                        No links are really needed.
                        All the above mentioned events were on Dateline and 20/20 and such programs.

                        maybe the sheriff story with the trucks is local news.......
                        I saw one of the mentioned stories


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                          fema even ended up hiring off duty cops in maine to guide all of these trucks in at 50-60 dollars per hour for two weeks. Then instead of getting rid of the ice, they are paying top dollar to store the ice in a sub-zero freezing facility. compleate waste of money



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                            Thanks to the Cincinnati firefighters

                            I was on duty as the officer over emergency operations in Hattiesburg the day that the order came down to stop the Cincinnati Ambulance from responding. This was nothing more than a political play by our private ambulance service who were thought the the Cincinnati guys were going to transport a patient, thus taking some of their money! They managed to get someone in state govt to agree with them! The guys that came down from Ohio to assist us were a great help and the average citizen as well as the Hattiesburg Fire Dept, along with our city government did appericate the help. Their ambulance was here for the firefighters only! I worked 48 hour shifts, on the command truck with one of the Cincinnati District Chiefs, thus getting to work with two different shifts of our helpers and they were all fantastic. I hope and pray that our brother firefighters across the country did not see this incident as nothing more than it was, a business that cares more for profits than people along with a govt offical that has his head in the sand.

                            Truth is our ambulance service is scared that we are going to take over, and this may be what we need to do to serve our citizens better. We respond to many medical emergencies and our response time usually beats theirs by an average of 5 minutes. Minutes count. It has gotten to were their Director has ordered (thats a joke) our department to NOT respond to medical emergencies until they get on scence and ask for it. Is this the way to protect the citizens of our city? I think not!

                            Again, they guys from Cincinnati were great, they all volunteered to come down here, giving up their lives, to help out brothers in need.

                            Thanks to all of the people who has assisted us in these trying times. I have seen firefighters from all over the country here is South Mississippi dedicating their time and efforts. I hope that whenever help is needed by our brothers in antother state t hat we will be able to return the favor.


                            Marion is right, FEMA is a joke!
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                              Hurricane Rita

                              I live in small town that was hit by Rita. The fire dept. Im with is all vol. and you know with most vol. dept. have the very few who help out. Well when the strom hit there was about 15 of us who stayed here and we have got very little help from FEMA so for know we call FEMA (Fix Everthing My ***)
                              Only thing I can say about FEMA is that they suck ***.


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