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Adopt a Firehouse Program

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  • Adopt a Firehouse Program

    Firehouse.com is launching an "Adopt a Firehouse" program to assist impacted fire departments in the long-term recovery.

    This is NOT an operational effort. The entire story is below.

    Feel free to discuss this program here, offer ideas and suggestions. Please do not provide contact information in the forum, however, and please follow the guidelines in the document below to offer support.

    This is not a short term thing. It may be days, weeks and months before there is even a full 'list' of departments and fire stations that need help.

    Thanks for your continued support.


    Full Story:
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    The Firehouse family wants to ensure that the many firefighters, rescue workers and first responders and is asking for your help.

    As the number of fire departments and stations impacted becomes clearer in the days and weeks ahead we're asking fire departments around the country to 'Adopt a Firehouse'.

    For now, we'll be compiling a list of fire departments interested in participating in this program for now, and then work with local, state and national fire service groups to facilitate getting fire departments connected to each other. Please remember that communications in the impacted areas is poor at best. The intent of this program is not to provide immediate operational support, but be more a long term support system of departments helping departments.

    It is our hope that the fire stations other departments 'adopt' will be able to provide support in the basic recovery needs in the months and years ahead, from emotional support, used equipment support and general goods and logistics support for members of the impacted departments.

    PLEASE keep in mind that it may be days, weeks or even months before anyone has a very clear picture on what the needs and recovery efforts of local fire departments are.

    To submit your department for this program, please have a chief officer or administrative head of your organization e-mail [email protected] with the following information.

    Department Name
    Person Submitting's Name AND Rank
    Telephone Contact Information for the Department's representative for this project (include home, cell, fire station and/or work whenever possible)
    E-Mail Contact Information for the Department's representative
    List any ideas that you have for this program, including what you think your department can offer and would be willing to do to help a department in need.
    You can also FAX your information on official department letterhead to 301-486-4556.

    Please keep in mind this is in no way an operational call for support. NO ONE should self dispatch themselves to the impacted areas and instead should utilize the established local, state and federal emergency management guidelines.

    Whether its just giving some clothing, donating old equipment, or just being there for a friendly phone call, we hope the Adopt a Firehouse program can help those responders impacted by this tragedy get back on their feet.

    Manufactuers and Distributors Also Asked to Help

    We are also encouraging fire service manufacturers and distributors to contact us via the same e-mail address [email protected] with their contact information and any general overview of materials and equipment they may be willing to donate to those impacted departments during the rebuilding phase.

    Again, Firehouse will work with the various organizations to ensure the right connections are made to get the support available to those in need.

    In addition to this program, we encourage responders to give to the NVFC, IAFF, NAEMT and FOP funds listed below for direct relief for responders, as well as the Red Cross for the general population.

    The Firehouse Team


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      Whether its just giving some clothing, donating old equipment, or just being there for a friendly phone call, we hope the Adopt a Firehouse program can help those responders impacted by this tragedy get back on their feet.
      Good job on pulling such a program together! Nice touch.
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        This is a letter I have posted on many web message boards.
        The relief is NOT getting into the affected areas as it needs to. The Volunteer Fire Departments are filling the gap, but many are now strapped for financing to do more. Including us.

        Please consider the below.........

        I just want to thank everyone who has offered their prayers and support. It means a lot. We're better off than some places but worse than others.
        We are doing a lot with very little, and while it's working alright, we are steadily backing up.

        The Red Cross is blitzing the media with ads for donations. While this is not a bad thing, and they have been doing an "outstanding" job, they are not the only ones who could benefit from your support.

        There are many LOCAL organizations that simply don't get the same "air time" and don't have multi million (donation) dollar advertising campaigns.
        They hardly get mentioned outside of the newpaper "responses" column.

        One of the most dedicated are the Volunteer Fire Departments.
        VFD's are doing the majority of the relief work in this disaster. Even LEMA is heavily staffed with VFD personnel.

        In Marion, we have a dedicated group who is still giving every spare minute. Some are here full time, some are reporting at lunch time and after work.
        We have been "In Service" 24 hrs a day since Saturday evening at 6pm.
        We answered "Life Threat" calls during the worst part until it got too dangerous. We even had to cut our #2 pumper out of a tree that fell while responding to a call to a lady who was in her home trapped under a tree.
        We have been delivering ice and water to seasoned citizens and those who can't drive across town to get it, cutting trees, assessing damages, and even providing traffic control at gas stations. And even providing the needy with food and drink from our own pockets.
        All for "free". (we're "just volunteers" after all)

        Almost every home has some damage, and many have moderate to Major damage. Several are total losses.
        Even our firehouse has roof damage.
        We need gas for vehicles and saws, and other equipment that has to be serviced, repaired, and replaced after use.

        Why am I telling you this?
        I ask that you consider this one thing..... and spread the word.
        Donations would do more if given to LOCAL departments.

        If you wish to help.....
        Urge people to send Donations to a LOCAL Volunteer Fire Departments.
        After all, they know best where it's needed and how it would help most.

        And not just my department or here in Lauderdale County. (even though we desperately need it)
        People should consider looking up departments in the phone book, on the web, or just drive down the road to their neighborhood department and choose one, and give locally.
        It would be an investment in their own community and safety.
        Most all are non-profits and Donations are tax deductible.

        Please consider reporting on this or passing it along.

        Thank You,


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          My first thought when I saw the Adopt a Firehouse Program was ok, how do I help, but in reading the article, I realize as a nonfirefighter, I can't. If there is a way for me to help, let me know. Kudos to the Firehouse Team for organizing this.



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            Sounds ike a great idea WT! I will bring this to my chief's attention.
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              Originally posted by LeuitEFDems
              Sounds ike a great idea WT! I will bring this to my chief's attention.
              Sherry, 4 words...fire up the stove

              consider it fired.

              I also just sent this information to the Fire Deprtment and Mayor's office here. I can be the pushy headstrong type when need be. I'll make sure I get the word out to as many departments here in CA as I can. That will be a start anyway.


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                Firefighter's Home To Share in Wilmington,North Carolina

                This post has been deleted.
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                  We'll be announcing more later in the weekend, but as of now the following organizations have signed on as cooperating:

                  - International Association of Fire Chiefs
                  - National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
                  - Firefighter Close Calls
                  - FEMSA - Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association

                  More are expected to follow. Stay tuned.


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                    Steve, please let me know if you get any information on taking any brothers(or sisters) and their families in. My wife and I also will open up our home. I have contacted the IAFF and FEMA, but have received no response yet.

                    Don Ingersoll
                    [email protected]


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                      Thank You, Wt!.....

                      This type of thing was what I wanted to open a discussion on, with the "Red Cross" thread. Our VFD is working on a Fund Raising effort now, and we'll look here to see what we can do with the money that is raised. THANK YOU again.
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                        We've started a new page. Will have its own domain shortly



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                          WEbteam your doing a great job.


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                            Thank You, WT!!!!
                            The comments made by me are my opinions only. They DO NOT reflect the opinions of my employer(s). If you have an issue with something I may say, take it up with me, either by posting in the forums, emailing me through my profile, or PMing me through my profile.
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                              Originally posted by superchef
                              My first thought when I saw the Adopt a Firehouse Program was ok, how do I help, but in reading the article, I realize as a nonfirefighter, I can't. If there is a way for me to help, let me know. Kudos to the Firehouse Team for organizing this.

                              Sadly I am in the same "boat" here. Double tied due to employment restrictions too
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