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    I recently looked into the "World of Fire Daily Report" forum and found that although you advertise this forum as a daily summary of fire reports worldwide, it appears to only feature United States reports. Am I missing the reports from outside of the USA? If this is in fact an USA only report then perhaps it should be listed as such.

    This is not meant to be a 'shot' at our American cousins, it is mearly to emphasise that there is a 'World" of fire service outside of the US borders.

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    You asked if you're missing the reports from outside of the USA?

    Answer to your question is: "Yes"

    The World Of Fire Report does contain incidents from outside the USA. While the majority of incidents are reported from the US, there have been reports from Canada, the UK (London) and at times Mexico. Anyone in the world who would like to post an incident is welcome. All I ask when doing so is to provide the Date, Time, City, State/Province (Country), Address and any details you know about the fire.

    Here are some examples of incidents outside the US which appeared in past WOF reports:

    World Of Fire Report: 05-18-01

    London Fire Brigade Daily Report

    18 May 01
    1442 F27 Bow 4 pump fire at Rodell, Ltd, 22 Marshgate Lane, fire in a furniture warehouse under reconstruction 20m x 15m, using 2 hosereels, 20 persons evacuated.

    2215 F46 Silvertown 4 pump fire, asbestos reported at Tate & Lyle on Factory Rd, 200m x 200m sugar refinery complex, fire in a 10m section of pipe lagging containing asbestos, using 1 hosereel, decon operations.

    Runs for the day: 642
    Runs for the year: 102003


    World Of Fire Report: 05-19-01

    Fire in Montréal. (CANADA)
    **3rd Alarm** at 7165 Casgrain St. @ Jean-Talon St. 4-story brick Apartment building. Fire on 3rd floor with ext to the 4th floor. (05:25hrs.)

    [email protected]

    Hope that answers your question and hopefully in the future you'll see a lot more fires from outside the USA in the World Of Fire Report.


    Paul Brown - WOF


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