charlotte firefighters were busy last night as 2 working fires at the same time kept city units up most of the night.
the first worker was at 8210 university station apartments.a 3 story wood building. first call was an auto alarm from th building. sending engines 28,ladder 27 to the scene. 911 cals reporting a fire sent the reat of the box to the scene. engine 28 found a 2nd floor fire held to one room by sprinklers. water damge to the unit of 4 displaced.engines28,36,31,ladder 27,bc2w/f rescue10 bc 6 engine27,
second fire 350 charles ave was a one story wod house vacant after a murder last month. first due engine 7 reported flames and smoke showing. the house had heavy damage. arson is suppected.enines7,11,15 ladder1 bc 1 w/f rescue 3 engine 4 bc 6 from first fire