BEIJING (AP) - At least eight people were killed and one was
missing Monday after a gas explosion tore through a coal mine in
northern China, raising the number of deaths from mine disasters to
19 in a week, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.
It said the latest blast happened in Baotou, a city in Inner
Twelve miners were working underground when the explosion
happened, killing eight and leaving one missing, while three others
were rescued, Xinhua said. Rescuers were still searching for the
missing man.
The other deaths happened in two earlier accidents, Xinhua
-In a flooded coal mine in central China's Henan Province, 18
miners were trapped after an explosion Thursday. Four have been
confirmed dead.
-In southern China's Guangxi region, at least seven people were
killed in a mine explosion on Sunday afternoon.
China has the world's deadliest mining industry, with more than
4,100 deaths reported so far this year in explosions, floods and
cave-ins. Many occur in smaller, private mines and are blamed on
indifference to safety rules or lack of fire and ventilation

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