These incidents occurred in Reading over the past few weeks:
----082903:***3-ALARM FIRE***. At 0056 hours box 132, 3rd & Penn streets, AOF 238 & 240 Penn street. Heavy fire showing from a 3 story EOR mixed occupancy (apts. above a store) and a 4 story mixed occupancy (apts. above a bar) buildings. 2nd alarm struck at 0102 hours, followed by a 3rd alarm at 0121 hours. Fire brought under control at 0430 hours with 2 firefighters treated for minor injuries. Fire caused $400,000 in damage and left 20 people homeless and has been ruled arson. Companies assigned: 1st alarm: E3,12,5,L1,L2,R1,M-4,C-4 & 9,E11(safety Co.). 2nd alarm: E13,9,L3,M-2,C-1 & 7. 3rd alarm: E2,8,R2,M-3, C-3 & 6.
----083003: At 0554 hours box 544, Kutztown Road & Rockland Street,AOF 2001 Kutztown Road. Fire in the bathroom of a 1 story convenience store. Under control time was 0605 hours. Companies assigned: E9,11,1,L3,R1,M-2,C-4 & 9,E3(safety Co.)
----090603: At 2100 hours still alarm dispatched to 200 Penn street @ Firehouse Office complex (former quarters of L-1) for an arson fire @ rear of the building. Fire damage was minimal and the call was handled by E3,L1 & C3.
----090903: At 1945 hours box 45, 11th & Elm streets, AOF 200 N. 11th street. 3 story EOR occupied multiple dwelling, fire @ 2nd floor bedroom. Under control time was 1954. Companies assigned: E1,13,9,L2,R1,M-3,C-4 & 9,E3(safety Co.)
----Same Date: At 2239 hours still alarm dispatched for an alarm system @ 13 N. 5th street. Companies arrived to find a fire @ 1st floor rear of a 4 story EOR commercial building. Box 31, 5th & Penn streets transmitted at 2246 hours with the fire brought under control at 2258 hours. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E3,L2 & C9. Box 31: E1,5,R1,M-3,C-4,E12(safety Co.) Fire ruled arson.
----091003: At 0526 hours box 425, 9th & Washington streets, AOF 142 N.9th street. 3 story MOR mixed occupancy (apts. above a store), fire @ 1st floor. Under control time was 0538 hours. Companies assigned: E1,13,3,L2,R1,M-1,C-4 & 9,E5(safety Co.). Fire ruled arson
----Same Date: At 1645 hours on a verbal from the quarters of E3/L1 @ 23 N. 3rd street, box 132, 3rd & Penn streets, AOF 40 N.3rd street. Fire @ 1st floor rear of a 3 story vacant MOR multiple dwelling. Under control time was 1657 hours. Companies assigned: E3,1,5,L1,L2,R1,M-2,C-2 & 8,E12(safety Co.). Fire ruled arson & building was site of previous workers in the past year.
----091103: At 0357 hours box 132, 3rd & Penn streets, AOF 402 Penn street. Dumpster fire against rear of 4 story mixed occupancy (apts. above a store) building. While responding, numerous companies came across a half dozen other fires set in dumpsters near or against buildings over a 4 block area in center city. All fires were quickly brought under control and ruled arson. Companies assigned: E3,1,5,L1,R1,M-3, C-4 & 9,E12(safety Co.)
----Same Date: At 0611 hours box 353, Front & Greenwich streets, AOF 206 Hudson street. 2&1/2 story vacant MOR dwelling, fires set on all floors. Under control time was 0620 hours. Companies assigned: E12,3,1,L1,R1,M-1,C-4 & 9,E9(safety Co.)
----Same Date: At @ 1015 hours box 123, 6th & Franklin streets, & box 31, 5th & Penn streets were transmitted for building fires minutes apart. Box 123 was a rubbish fire against a 2 story vacant train station across from the quarters of R1/Tower1 & box 31 was for rubbish set in a rear doorway at 402 Penn street again. Both fires were ruled arson and summoned all in service units in the city from a memorial service for 9-11 at city park. On 091303 Fm10 & C-3 investigated 2 fires set at a 3 story EOR building at 101 S.3rd street. Both fires apparantly burned themselves out and companies were never dispatched. The fires are under investigation and appear to be the lastest in a string of center city arsons over the past 2 weeks.

For pictures of the recent 3rd alarm & Readings' new Tower 1, check out: