These incidents occurred in Reading over the past few weeks:
----071103: At 0537 hours box 621, 9th & Oley streets, AOF 630 Moss street. 2&1/2 story vacant MOR dwelling heavily involved. Fire brought under control with deluge gun & numerous outside lines at 0613 hours. Companies assigned: E9,1,11,L3,Sn1,R1,M-3,C-6 & 8,E13(safety Co.)
----071203: At 1324 hours box 641, 11th & Srping streets, AOF 1039 Mulberry street. 3 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire 3rd floor rear. Under control time was 1340 hours. Companies assigned: E9,11,1,L3,R1,M-2,C-8,E13(safety Co.)
----071803: At 1358 hours box 64, Hampden Blvd. & Windsor St., AOF 1118 Windsor street. 3 story occupied EOR multiple dwelling, fire @ 2nd floor kitchen. Under control time was 1407. Companies assigned: E9,11,1,L3,R1,M-1,C-1 & 9,E13(safety Co.)
----SAME DATE: ****MASS CASUALTY MVA PIN JOB****. At 1403 hours, engine and medic unit dispatched for a reported MVA at the intersection of Centre Avenue & Cathedral Street. Companies arrived and reported a MVA involving an SUV and a full size passenger van with numerous injured and 1 victim pinned. E13 & R1 special called from box 64 along with L1 and remaining city medic units. Trapped victim extricated with jaws at 1424 hours. Sixteen(16) victims transported to local medical centers including 3 victims which were med-i-vac'd in critical condition. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E3 & M-2. Special calls:@1407: R1,M-4 & C-600(EMS chief),@1413: E13,L1,C-1,M-1 & 3,@1420: County medic 562 & Medivac 4
----072103: At 2128 hours box 627, 13th & Pike streets, AOF 1328 Birch street. 2&1/2 story occupied duplex, fire in the basement. Under control time was 2137 hours. Companies assigned: E9,11,1,L3,R1,M-2,C-6,E13(safety Co.)
----072603: At @ 0810 hours box 2146, United Corrstacks @ 720 Laurel street. Fire in machinery which extended to ductwork & roof of a 3 story 200 x 2 block long industrial building. Fire brought under control @ 0900 with 1 firefighter treated for minor injuries. Companies assigned: E5,3,1,13,L2,L1,R1,M-2,& C-3

To see pictures of the Moss street job & MVA check out: