charlotte friday storms brought fires city wide. 800 norris ave 1 story wood attic and one room.full first alarm
3300 moretz 1 story wood reports of people trapped searches neg. fire showing out of all windows. full first alarm
7500 stonebriar 2 tory brick new home stil vacant. attic fire held with one line. full first alarm
monday and tuesday rock hill sc tree on house persons trapped. all out with minor injuries. one of many cals in rock hill.
charlotte at least 3 house fires from lightning strikes. all were 1 alarm,
concord 2 houses hit with minor damage. kannapolis reported 2 fires from stroms
albemarle shopping center flooded due to 6 inches of rain in 2 hours.
local weather lightning tracker went over 10,000 storke per hour 3 days n a row