These incidents occurred in Reading over the past few weeks:
----063003: At 1532 hours still alarm sent for reported vehicle fire in an alleyway behind the 700 block of Mulberry street. Company arrived to find a fire involving a 1 story frame garage to the rear of 720 Mulberry street. Box 65, 11th & Oley streets transmitted at 1535 with fire brought under control at 1551 hours. Companies assigned: Still: E9 & C8. Box 65: E1,13,L3,Sn1,R1,M-3,C-2 & E3(safety Co.)
----070103: At 1504 hours E9 & L3 reported they were investigating an odor of smoke across from their station in the 1100 block of N.9th street. L3 reported a working fire in the kitchen of 1156 N.9th street,a 3 story MOR occupied dwelling. Box 52, 9th & Marion streets transmitted at 1506 with the fire placed under control at 1518 hours. Companies assigned: Local: E9 & L3. Box 52: E11,1,R1,M-2,C-2 & 9,E8(safety Co.)
----Same date: At 1900 hours box 721, Tulpehocken & W.Buttonwood streets, AOF in the 400 block of *Little Clinton street. Fire in a 1 story 15x20 cinderblock garage. Under control time was 1910 hours. Companies assigned: E8,11,1,L1,Sn1,R1,M-2,C-4 & 9,E9(safety Co.) *-Street and buildings run along & dog-leg the former American Chain & Cable property along its eastern border. The site, as well as homes & buildings in the 400 blocks of Tulpehocken and Little Clinton streets are being demolished for urban renewal.The sprawling,vacant industrial complex which carried box number 2122 was infamous in Reading as it was the site of dozens of workers,multiples and burning stolen autos over the past decade.
----070403: ****3rd-ALARM JOB**** At 0532 hours box 74, Schuylkill Ave. & W.Greenwich street, AOF in the 300 block of W.Greenwich street. Companies arrived to find heavy fire showing from the 1st floor and porches of 8 (eight)-2&1/2 story occupied and vacant MOR dwellings. 2nd alarm struck at 0539 as companies were in service with a deck gun & big hand-line. A 3rd alarm transmitted at 0547 hours with fire brought under control at 0635 hours. The fire caused $250,000 damage to 318 through 332 W.Greenwich street. 2 civilians were treated for minor injuries. The fire is under investigation and is believed to have been started over drugs. Companies assigned: 1st alarm: E11,3,1,L1,Sn1,R1,M-2,C-7 & E9(safety Co.). 2nd alarm: E5,13,L3,M-3,C-1,3,& 6. 3rd alarm: E14,M-1,C-4 & 9. Special call: R2 (for relief).
----Same Date: ****FATAL MVA PIN-JOB******. At 2214 hours a rescue assignment dispatched for a MVA in the 100 block of Schuylkill Avenue. Companies arrived to find 1 vehicle into a tree with the driver pinned. Ladder company special called for assistance at 2219 with the victim extricated with the jaws at 2231 hours. The victim was transported to a local medical center where he was pronounced dead. Companies assigned: E3,R1,M-1 & C-7. Special call: L1
----070503: At 2027 hours box 42, 10th & Walnut streets, AOF 214 Mulberry street. 2&1/2 story vacant MOR dwelling, fire on the 2nd floor. Under control time was 2035 hours. Companies assigned: E1,13,3,Sn1,L1,R1,M-2,C-2 & 8,E11(safety Co.)
----070603: At 0331 hours box 612, 12th & Douglass streets, AOF 828 N.12th street. Fully involved 1 story shed in the rear of a 3 story MOR dwelling. Under control time was 0342 hours. Companies assigned: E9,1,13,L3,R1,M-1,C-2 & 8,E11(safety Co.)

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