Companies 5, 4, 6 were called to a structure fire at the William Penn Motel on William Penn Highway. E-41 was first onscene with heavy fire from one of the rooms on the westside of the motel. Crews from 41 attacked the fie and made the initial knock to the room and contents. Crews from Companies 5 and 6 then conducted searces and evacuations of the adjoining rooms. 5 and 6 opened the ceiling and walls and found very heavy fire rolling in the roof and cockloft area. There was extensive overhaul done by 5 and 6 as Company 4 checked the eastside of the motel for extension. None was found and Company 4 remained on side 3 in rehab. Company 1 was called for RIT and the airtruck. Chief Snyder and Asst. Chief Atwood investigated the fire and determined the fire was electrical in nature.
Responding Units: Engine 5-2, Truck 5, Engine 5-1,
Ambulance 5-8, E-41, T-4, R-1, E-62, R-6, E-31, Cmd-32
Command: C-51 (Asst Chief Atwood)
Sector 3: C-40 (Chief Cole)