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Brush fire spares man
By: JOHN L. CRAWFORD, News-Leader

After a scary few moments, Nassau County firefighters and Florida Department of Forestry officers easily knocked out what was estimated to be about a five-acre brush fire near the Yulee neighborhood of North Hampton on Monday afternoon.
A rather small brush fire started by a lightning strike at about 2:30 p.m. turned into potential disaster when a spark reportedly found its way into the engine compartment of a bulldozer driven by a forestry worker and caught the machine on fire.
County Station 70 firefighters and volunteers from stations 3 and 7 reportedly responded to help the man, who was not identified. According to reports, he was uninjured. The bulldozer was one of three deployed to dig a fire line around the blaze, according to a firefighter on the scene.
"He had to evacuate," Nassau County Fire Chief Chuck Cooper said. "They're saying some debris got into the engine."
The brush fire was the second in the Yulee area in the last three weeks.

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