Wednesday, 6-5-03, Concord VFD, was called to a 2-alarm house fire on Concord RD, across from Swisher RD. Havana VFD also responded for mutual aid. The first alarm (on the pager) was at 1928 hrs. Arrival on scene was at 1934 hrs.

Chief John Browning injured his hand when he was climbing down from the top of Engine 6. He grabbed the back of the ladder (for support) that was mounted on the side of the truck. His wedding ring got caught on the ladder and ended up tearing some of the skin from his finger. Firefighter Pat Walsh was also injured. She was manning the pump on Rescue 1 when she attempted to look over the pump to see how much water that truck had left in it. Apparently she accidently placed her hand on the muffler of the engine when she was checking the water.

Rescue 1, Engine 6, Tanker 71, and 12 members of Concord VFD responded to the blaze. One engine and one tanker responded from Havana VFD, along with 4 personnel. Upon arrival, flames were showing through the roof on side 1 of the structure. One 1.5" line from Rescue 1 was used on side 3 and the 2-3 corner of the structure to attack the fire on that side. Two 1.5" lines from Engine 6 were used to attack side 1 and the 1-2 corner. One 1.5" line from Havana's engine was used to attack side 2 and the 1-2 corner.

The fire was under control within 20 minutes, but wasn't completely out. The fire was completely extinguished with 40 minutes of arrival on scene. Over haul took around 1 hour 15 minutes. Most of the house was intact when Concord returned to base. A Fire Marshall was called to investigate the scene. The Marshall's investigation was inconclusive.