Nine-car pileup wreaks havoc on I-15
Date:Saturday, May 31 @ 00:00:30 MDT
Topic:Valley and State

OREM -- Three people were taken to local hospitals following a nine-vehicle accident on Interstate 15 near the Orem Center Street exit Friday afternoon.

The incident happened when a northbound vehicle made an improper lane change, causing a second car to lose control tryingto avoid a collision with the first car, according to a spokesman for the Utah Highway Patrol.

The second car went through the median into southbound traffic where it hit a van, and then was thrown back into northbound traffic, causing a pileup, said the spokesman.

A total of nine vehicles were involved; three of the nine vehicles were semi-trailer trucks. The driver of the first car was issued a citation for improper lane change, he said.

Three people of unknown age and gender were taken to a local hospital, but none suffered life-threatening injuries, according to the UHP spokesman. Fatal injuries were avoided because everyone involved in the accident was wearing seat belts, he said.

The incident happened around 2:30 Friday afternoon. All northbound I-15 lanes were shut down for a half hour, with one lane shut down for 1.5 hours. Two southbound lanes were closed for an hour.