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  • Tampa area-Ammonia Leak

    Sorry Stan...

    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - An ammonia leak which forced the evacuation
    of two schools and kept residents of a large subdivision in their
    homes is being investigated as a crime, officials said Wednesday.
    Damage to the six-inch pipeline, tools and other gear found near
    the break have authorities suspicious that someone tried to break
    into the pipe to steal liquid ammonia, said Hillsborough County
    Fire Rescue Chief Bill Nesmith. The FBI and the Hillsborough County
    Sheriff's Office have joined the case.
    Liquid ammonia can be used in the production of methamphetamine.
    The FBI sent an agent to the scene just to be sure that if someone
    did try to break into the pipe, it wasn't for more dangerous
    purposes, Nesmith said.
    "Everybody is concerned when they have anything like this, just
    to make sure that it's nothing more devious than someone trying to
    steal some ammonia for the making of drugs," Nesmith said. "We
    are erring on the side of precaution more than anything."
    Nesmith said investigators found tools used to open the pipe and
    a makeshift breathing device. The tools and the device were not
    things emergency crews who spent Tuesday trying to control the leak
    would have left, the chief said.
    The items were covered by liquid ammonia on Tuesday and were not
    discovered until crews were able to investigate further Wednesday
    The ammonia pipeline near the upscale FishHawk Ranch subdivision
    began leaking Tuesday morning, forcing school officials to move
    classes for an elementary school and middle school to other
    schools. As many as 2,000 students were affected by the move.
    Emergency crews shut down a major thoroughfare in east
    Hillsborough County and advised residents to stay in their homes
    for most of the day. The escaping vapors blackened leaves on acres
    of trees surrounding the pipeline, which carries ammonia from the
    Port of Tampa to Polk County.
    No one was injured in the leak. Crews were able to shut off the
    ammonia supply and stop the leak.

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    Day late...$ short

    I posted the original story yesterday and the follow-up (investigation indicates tampering)today. Was not actually in Tampa, rather in the Brandon area of Hillsborough County...hence the use of Hillsborough County instead of Tampa!
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