There's the charred accent on the exterior, the grey coating on the interior, and the soot-stained red, white and blue outside. And then there's where the fire happened at the Fire Department.

Thousands of dollars worth of fire equipment were damaged after a fire tore through a Volunteer Fire Department building in Lawrence County Thursday.

"Kind of ironic," said Robert Ferguson with Ferguson's B&C Supermarket . "It's kind of surprising."

The Blaine Volunteer Fire Department is small - 15 volunteers says the chief, responsible for covering the roughly 50 people in this eastern Kentucky community that is big enough for a post office, and small enough to not have any stop lights.

Lawrence County dispatch got a call not from a random passerby, but from the Fire Chief, who says he got a tip about a water leak. He saw the water, but then he saw the smoke coming from the window. It didn't take long to put two and two together. The chief said it's been a disappointing day, but he's relieved that the building which houses the trucks wasn't made of wood.

Thursday afternoon, the rumors started spreading ahead of the official word. No comment from investigators left the people in Blaine to still take in the fact that their Fire Department caught fire.

The fire chief says it's not a total loss for his department. He has a few backup trucks that were parked down the road.