I am looking for anyone out there who has recently built a training/burn tower. We are in the very preliminary stages and I would like to gather some info from FF's instead of from sales reps. For background, we are an all-volunteer department of about 30. As other departments have found, there are fewer and fewer buildings where we can do live burns for training. We are in an area that is growing pretty rapidly, and we are hoping that we can leverage this with some developers to get some suitable land to build on. I am looking for information on actual costs, land needed, and pitfalls to watch for. Keep in mind that we the area we cover has very little commercial/industrial or even multi-family dwellings. We cover predominately single-family residences from 100 years old to brand new. I think our tower needs to have a gabled roof and attic space to best replicate our bread-and-butter ops.

Anyone with some info, feel free to throw your $.02 in.