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    20 OCT 2008

    Basement fire causes $55,000 in damages

    Milwaukee police are investigating a fire that caused an estimated $55,000 in damage to a home on the city's north side yesterday.

    Firefighters responded about 1:30 p.m. Monday to the 3800 block of N. 36th St., where they found fire in the basement of the two-story home, according to Battalion 2 Fire Chief Dan Holton. It spread to the first floor of the home, but the residents were not home at the time of the blaze.

    Holton said firefighters did not find any working smoke detectors.

    The cause remains under investigation. There were no injuries.


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      Tenants flee apartment fire on west side of Green Bay
      October 24, 2008
      Residents in an apartment complex on Green Bay's west side were displaced Thursday night because of a fire.
      Firefighters responded to the complex at 1740 Western Ave. at 8:32 p.m.
      Green Bay Fire Lt. Nick Craig said the fire originated in an apartment on the second floor. The cause of the fire was unknown.
      The Red Cross was called to the scene to assist the displaced residents. Craig was uncertain of the number of residents displaced.
      — Corinthia McCoy/Press-Gazette

      Been awile since I was in on a first in fire, but this was ours last night. We got onscene and had smoke coming out of an open bedroom window. We pulled a crosslay and went up stairs. There was light smoke on the landing and the apartment door was open. The fire just started rolling over the ceiling and out the window when we hit it. The engineer said he had a great view of the fire changing. We knocked the fire down and I found some more fire in a closet, we removed a lot of items packed into this closet, but got the fire out. Pulled some walls and ceilings and had no extension. This was a nice room and contents where the fire was limited to the room of orgin. Not bad considering the last few apartment fires we had burned for a long time and many people were displaced. Here there was only one 4 units that were displaced and residents were back inside before we left the scene.
      The thoughts and opinions posted here are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the thoughts and or views of city or dept affiliation.


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        25 OCT 2008

        house fire under investigation

        The cause of a fire to a house at 2944 N. 13th St. this morning is under investigation, Battalion Chief Steven Gleisner said.

        The fire that was reported at 9:30 a.m. started in the second flood of the vacant structure of the 1 ½ story house, he said. The fire was in the walls and took and hour and a half to bring under control, he said.

        Damage was estimated at $30,000. There were no injuries


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          26 OCT 2008

          Apartment fire causes $75,000 in damage

          Fire caused an estimated $75,000 worth of damage to a three- story apartment building at 2728 N. Shepherd Ave. this morning in a blaze fire officials said was caused by an electrical short circuit of a second floor ceiling light fixtures.

          The fire was reported at 7:34 a.m. to the building that was a former mansion that had been converted into four apartments, Battalion Chief Jack Christianson said.

          The residents who were in three of the four apartments at the time of the fire vacated prior to the arrival of firefighters, he said. No injuries were reported, he said.


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            Westside fire displaces tenants
            October 30, 2008
            A fire on Green Bay’s near west side Thursday morning left tenants in the two-story duplex temporarily homeless.
            All those inside got out safely. The American Red Cross was called to assist family members.
            The fire occurred at about 8:30 a.m. at 1450 S. Chestnut Ave. and originated in an upstairs bedroom, said Green Bay Fire Lt. Nick Craig.
            Cause has not been determined. Damage estimates are still being compiled.
            Mike Hoeft/Press-Gazette

            Also, last Friday morning there was a house fire on Green Bay's near west side. Could not find the article though.

            Starting to get busy again, this is the third or fourth fire in the last several days.
            The thoughts and opinions posted here are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the thoughts and or views of city or dept affiliation.


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              Tribute honors Green Bay firefighters past and present
              Monument along Fox River names about 350 men and women
              By Andy Nelesen • [email protected] • October 26, 2008

              Green Bay firefighters now have a tribute to call their own.

              About 150 people turned out Saturday for the dedication of the Green Bay Fire Fighter Tribute on the west bank of the Fox River near the Neville Public Museum of Brown County.

              About 350 former firefighters are named on the bricks, honoring those who retired, left the job or died before retirement. More bricks will be added each year as active firefighters retire or leave the job, said Bill Margis, president of the Green Bay Fire Fighter Tribute Foundation.

              The large Maltese cross atop of a field of red brick pays homage to the "honor, tradition and colorful history" of the Green Bay Fire Department and the men and women who serve in its ranks, Margis said.

              Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton's keynote remarks heralded firefighters as hard-working and dedicated.

              "We take our safety and their high level of competence for granted," Lawton said, noting the sacrifices and contributions firefighters — and their families — make for the community.

              Bob Rose, a retired captain, said the tribute is an honor to all who have served their community in the fire service. He spent 31 years in the department.

              "I think this is kind of a fulfillment of what we as firefighters do for the community," said Rose, now 23 years off the job. "This is just great. It's a wonderful tribute and a real honor."

              Firefighter Len Orlando said he was among the first to float the idea of a monument honoring firefighters. It first surfaced five or six years ago at a union meeting, but faded away over time, he said.

              It was after Lt. Arnie Wolff died in the line of duty in August 2006 that the idea rekindled and a group took on the project.

              "It just sort of evolved from there," Orlando said.

              Margis said the project's costs total $43,000. Firefighters have raised about $31,000 through donations and fundraising and have about $12,000 outstanding.

              "This is an ongoing thing," Margis said. "We'll be adding bricks to this every year."
              The thoughts and opinions posted here are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the thoughts and or views of city or dept affiliation.


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                Long day for crews fighting Badger State Ethanol fire

                MONROE - Area firefighters returned to their stations by 10 p.m. Monday, after an eight-hour struggle with frigid temperatures turning water to slush and freezing on pipes, to contain a fire in a germ drying and bagging processor at Badger State Ethanol in the 800 block of 17th Street in Monroe.

                Monroe Fire Chief Daryl Rausch said the fire was out and no firefighters remained at the site. However, Badger State personnel remained on site through the night.

                Some firefighting units began picking up their hoses sometime after 8 p.m., even while others still were investigating smoldering embers in the duct work of the processor.

                For almost two hours, firefighters climbed around on the processor, being careful of slippery pipes covered with frozen water, and opening and even removing hatch doors to peer into the processing unit, to inspect for a potential flare-ups.

                At least one hatch opened at about 8:15 p.m. revealed grain embers still glowing.

                Firefighters worked their way down the processor's ducts, as they cleared each level.
                "If the ladder goes up, the building goes down."


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