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  • Kenosha Fire Dept

    Can someone please post some info about Kenosha Fire. It seems they have added some new companies but I can't find any information on them. Thanks

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    I've been trying to keep my finger on the pulse of this department for a couple of years now and I can tell you I haven't heard of this.

    I've got a friend on the department. We keep in touch and given the fact that at one time I was on their list, I bugged him all the time about anything and everything.

    I know they have a relatively new department at the airport but nothing that I've heard of on the horizon. You can try www.kenosha.org but the Fire Department's site is still currently under construction. Good Luck.


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      I know this thread is over a year old, but maybe someone out there is still interested. I am a formor Dispatcher for the Kenosha Fire Department. They have made alot of changes to their compaines.

      Station 1:
      Bat. 1
      Engine 1
      Rescue 1 (BLS Ambulance)

      Station 2:
      Engine 2

      Station 3:
      Engine 3
      Ladder 3 (Former L1)
      Med 3

      Station 4:
      Engine 4
      Med 4
      Car 3 (Safety Officer)
      Training Center

      Station 5:
      Engine 5
      Med 5

      Station 6:
      Engine 6

      Station 7:
      Engine 7
      Med 7
      Ladder 7 (Former Ladder 4)
      P-19 (Aircraft Rescue)

      At the time of me leaving, there were talks of building Station 8, our on Hwy 50 & Hwy MB for the new development. The kenosha area is expanding and taking alot of new land, formally protected by the Town of Bristol Fire/Rescue Department. I still have alot of contacts there, any questions, feel free to e-mail me and I'll get the answers.


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        As of 02/21/12

        Station 1- is now an Administrative Station
        Station 2 - Engine 2 and Med 2
        Station 3 - Med 3, Engine 3, Truck 3, and Rescue 33
        Station 4 - Med 4, Engine 4, Truck 4, Battalion 1, Rescue 44 and Engine 44
        also maintenance and training station.
        Station 5 - Med 5, Engine 5 and Engine 55
        Station 6 - Engine 6
        Station 7 - Med 7, Truck 7, and P19 (air craft crash truck)

        As of a Station 8 the rumor is still in talk but not action has taken place also its not confirmed but they may get Rescue 77 back at Station 7.


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          Are the double numbers ie Rescue 33 staffed or spare equipment?


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            To the best of my knowledge spares...


            300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


            Upper 300x250